Sunday, 29 July 2012

Heatherton Country Park

Hey guys!  So, as I mentioned we went to Heatherton Country Park yesterday for an activity day - and wow, it was so much fun!  I'm completely knackered now, but it was worth it :)

One of the things I like about the park is that you don't have to pay a fee to gain entrance to the park, you just pay for the things you want to do, which really suits me.  Here's what we did, enjoy the pics!

Adventure Golf - Pirates of the Carribean

This is a Pirates of the Carribean themed crazy golf course, it's 18 holes and quite tricky :)  It's brilliant fun and for once, Chris beat me ;)

I had a pink ball!

Pistol Shooting

This was fun, fustrating and hard work.  They're essentially BB guns that use pellets.  You get 25 pellets and have to hit your target.  Now, usually I'm good at targeting/shooting etc, but this time I really struggled to hit the target :(  But, I did get a bulls eye :D  Chris did a lot better than me - I think it was his day for glory!  Didn't take any pics of this :S


I loved this!  It would have been nice to have more go's, you get 6 practice shots, and 6 scoring shots - it's great fun though :)  In the practice run, I started off really well, and got worse.  In the scoring round, I didn't even hit the piece of paper, let alone any of the rings on the target, lol.

18 Hole Pitch n Putt

This was nothing short of a disaster.  We were knackered and achy from the previous activities but wanted to play anyway, we'd been really looking forward to it :)  Chris did great, no surprise there then!  Me however, didn't do so well... the best I could do was pretty much getting the ball to skim across the ground a few feet.  Very frustrating, and by the 3rd hole, we both realised we were really tired, we'd already been there for 4 hours, so we decided to retire for the evening and head back home.  I'm so glad we did, I don't think either of us had any energy left - we did sleep well though :)

I bought a hedgehog teddy bear, he's so cute and soft :D

This is the... 3-4th time we've been to Heatherton, I love it there, if you're ever near Tenby in Pembrokeshire and are looking for a nice activity park to go to, I'd recommend it :)

Back home, totally knackered but happy :)

Pixi3 out

P.S.  Normal beauty blogging to resume tomorrow!

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