Saturday, 25 August 2012

Urban Decay 15th Anniversary Palette

Hey my lovelies!  So, I've been rumaging through my makeup bag/drawer recently and thought even though you can't buy this palette any more, you can buy all the individual colours so it's still worth swatching it all up for you :)  Here's the yummy pics :)

I'm going to be annoying and remind you about my giveaway too :)  Only a couple of days left!!!

The following swatches were all done by using my index finger to swipe over each shadow 3 times.  This was also without any primer.

Left Row (top to bottom)

Middle Row (top to bottom)

 Right Row (top to bottom)

All these colours are stunning - I love them all - even though I wouldn't necessarily wear all of them.  The only ones I have trouble wearing are Tainted, Junkshow and Omen - every time I wear pink eyeshadow I look like there's something wrong with my eye... I just can't carry it off, despite how pretty it is.  The only one I can get close to pulling off is Tainted - it has the most pretty golden glow/shimmer which the camera probably hasn't picked up.

Ace is an amazing colour, brilliant for making almost any colours smokey.  I believe you can buy all of these individually or as part of other palette's. 

Most of the colours in this palette I'd re-purchase - I love it :)  

What's your favourite Urban Decay shadow?

Pixi3 out



  1. Midnight Rodeo is so pretty.

    I found you through BBU Blog hope be great if you could follow back



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