Sunday, 12 August 2012

Friend Swaps Number 5

Hey everyone!  Welcome to 'Friend Swaps' number 5 :)

Have you ever heard of the cosmetic brand called GOSH?  I have, but I've never tried them.  Luckily my friend gave me a little shadow pot of theirs, yay!

At first I thought this was a jet black shadow, but it's got little silver glittery bits in it too, yay!  If you're going for a dramatic look, smokey eye etc, this is perfect for smoking it out.  It's a loose powder so as usual expect a lot of fall out but that can easily be cleaned up with a bit of concealer.  Also as I said in my previous 'Friend Swap' post, this is without eye shadow primer.  So, if you use primer, the colour will be even better :)

What do you think about GOSH cosmetics? What have you tried of theirs?

Pixi3 out


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  1. I have a nail polish which I picked up in the sale from Gosh - Its pretty good x


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