Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Friend Swaps Number 6

Hey everyone!  So, this is number 6 in the 'Friend Swaps' series.  For the moment this is the penultimate one in the series, however I'm sure that in 6 months - 1 year we'll have done more swaps and I'll pick up where I left off then :)

So today, I give you the Natural Collection single eye shadow in the colour Midnight.

I'll be honest, this colour I could take or leave.  It's not quite black enough for me, if I'm going for a black, I want it to be a deep dark black.  However, if you're looking for an easy matte black to give a smokey effect, if you do quite a bit of blending with this it'll give a lovely smokey effect.  It's just a bit 'meh' for me... nothing about it grabs my attention.  It doesn't have glitter, a shimmer or anything like that - I like matte colours, but in actual colours and not black.  They only cost £1.79, so if you get one and you don't like it, you haven't wasted a whole lot of moolah!  That's just my thoughts anyway.

What do you think of Natural Collection eye shadows?

Pixi3 out


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