Friday, 24 August 2012

Friend Swaps Number 7

Hey everyone, welcome to the currently last in the series of 'Friend Swaps', this is number 7 and until I do another swap with her, this will be the last for a while :(  I've really enjoyed doing this series, I hope you've enjoyed reading them :)

Without further ado, I give you Collection Glam Glitters.

My Thoughts

So, these sticks are double ended.  One end has a 'coloured' gel - when you apply it there's pretty much no colour in it... then you take the other end (glitter end) and smush (yes, that's a word) the glitter on to the gel.  As much as these look super pretty, they're really impractical.  I tried to wear the black one last night, I put the gel on, then the glitter.  Sadly the glitter didn't stick to the gel and it only suceeded to take off some of the eye shadow I'd spent half an hour trying to perfect.  Also, more glitter will go all over you, the floor, the cat, the table, the desk etc than on to your eyelid - each time you pull the applicator out of the tube, a metric tonne of glitter falls out all over whatever is underneath it... Not something I would purchase and probably not something I'll ever use again.  Sorry for the negative review... plus side, it looks super pretty when swatched :D

Also the good news is that they no longer make these, you can still find them on ebay and such, but they've discontinued them :)

Have you used these before and had a similar experience?

Pixi3 out



  1. I bought a set of about twelve of these off ebay thinking they'd be really good and had the same problem as you. The only thing I have really used them for is to mix in with some eyeshadow I was re-pressing to make them sparkly which worked quite well x

  2. That's really disappointing! I don't often wear glitter on my eyes, but you'd like something to work! xx


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