Friday, 31 August 2012

Impress Nails

Hey guys - so the question is, am I impressed with Impress?  You'll have to read my 'My Thoughts' bit at the bottom to find out :)  Oh and before you wonder, I didn't do any pics of me wearing the nails because I have acrylics at the moment and have done for a couple of weeks :)  

My Thoughts

As someone who has used stick on nails quite a bit, with the separate glue that you end up with all over your fingers etc I loved the idea of these, no glue needed!  At last!  You simply peel off the back and press them on, simples!  They're already painted and not too long, I did file mine back as they were a bit long for me (I don't like nails too long).

I'd bought them as we were going away for a few days (to a funeral), and my nails were horrendous, so I bought some purple ones and these black ones (don't worry I wore the purple ones to the funeral just in case you wondered) - they were really easy to apply, but, and it's a very big but, they didn't last any where near 7 days like they said, well it says 'up to 7 days'.  I know Sprinkle of Glitter loves them, and they last really well on her, so I'm guessing maybe it's because the shape of my nails, but I struggled to get them to last more than 24 hrs before coming off.  I applied them as they said, pressed down really hard, did all the bits I needed too, and even filed them back, but they just didn't last.  And at over £7 a pack, I was less than impressed <-- see what I did there?  :)

So in short, I wouldn't buy them again, I will use up the black ones at some point but as I have acrylics I'm in no rush to do that.  

Have you used Impress?  Did you have the same experience as me?

Pixi3 out

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  1. AW, Ive only ever had a problem with these the one time. but think i was too rushed putting them on


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