Monday, 20 August 2012

Monday Blogger Loves

Helloooo! How are ye' all?  I'm grand thanks for asking ;)  

It's time for a new Monday blogger love, yay!  I have to say, I love doing these posts - I love squishy fluffy happy posts and this one is as squishy as it gets - ooh eer - that didn't sound right, no-sir-ee... anyway, on with the happiness!  This week I give you *drumroll* The Tattooed Tealady!

Tattooed Tea lady

She's a fairly recent find for me - bit late to the game on that one :)  She's become a bit of a twitter buddy of mine, sharing frequent chats with.  Her blog is beautiful and simple, and her reviews friendly and warm.  She's a patron of cruelty free and organic, which is pretty good in my eyes!  I like that she's honest, and not moaney and whiney as I've recently found some others to be :p  Plus she loves tea - you can't fault a woman who likes tea.  She always has great quality photos which is a big must as far as I'm concerned - I think it's really important to have high quality images, there's almost no point writing a lovely blog, for it to be littered with dull low quality pics.  She's got a really nice writing style, I feel like she writes just like she speaks in real life - that I really like in a blogger and is something I strive for but often miss.  Hats off to you m'lady!

Pixi3 out


  1. N'awhh thank you so much my love, esp for all the kind things you said about me and my blog <3 xo

    1. You're welcome lovely :) Said them because they're true :D

  2. Sooo worthy of this post, everyone should check out Sophia's blog :-) x


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