Thursday, 9 August 2012

MUA Gel Eyeliners

Hey guys, I've been meaning to write about the MUA Gel Eyeliners for a couple of weeks now, so while the Sims 3 is busy installing on my new computer, I figured I'd take the chance to write it :)  Yay!

My Thoughts

Overall, I love them.  I've tried loads of different gel eyeliners, and none have been good, they've all transferred onto my lid, or smudged down my face (not a good look), but these don't move at all.  I wore them all day and night, and at the end, there were exactly as they were when I put them on - awesome.  They're also a fairly wet formula, very soft, so I think it'll take them a while to dry out - you can layer them and build them up really easily too if you want a more dramatic look.

My only reservation or dislike, is in removing them.  Most of the gel liners I've used before easily melt off when you use a remover wipe, but these, sort of crumble/flake which means you end up with lots of little bits over your face, which takes a while to get rid of.  So, all in all I love these, I'd buy them again and definitely recommend them to a friend, but just be prepared for it to take a while when you remove them ;)

Pixi3 out


  1. i thought these would smudge or run because of the price but i might just try them now! thanks for posting!! xoxo <3

    1. So did I to be honest, I was really pleasantly surprised! :)

  2. nice review:)

  3. Thanks! I am going to try these, they look like a dupe for the rimmel one too! :)

  4. The blue is a lovely colour! I must buy them!

    Thanks for sharing!


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