Saturday, 29 September 2012

Accessorize Lip Gloss

Hey guys, 

I have another Accessorize lip product for you today!  You know how lip products are my nemesis!  Pics below and my thoughts (as usual!)

From L-R The Accessorize lip gloss, the Accessorize lipstick and lipgloss, the Accessorize lipstick*

My Thoughts

I really like this lip gloss :)  Again, cute packaging as with all the Accessorize beauty products (I love a brand that does different things with packaging, like Paul & Joe).  The scent is amazing!  It smells like ice cream, NOM!  It really reminds me of the lip gloss with the MUA Lip BOOM's, I love them too :p But I do prefer a creme gloss as opposed to a glitter gloss (tell that to my crazy glitter collection!).  I love the colour too, that's one thing I'm really lacking in my collection, corals.  I have near to none, and considering I'm so pale, you'd think I'd have a decent amount of them, wrong!  I'm impressed with the amount of product you get too, often with these squeezy tubes you tend not to get as much, but in these you get for £2.95 14ml.  I really like it, and honestly can't find anything bad to say about it :)  

Question - do you prefer the white background to my photo's or the coloured/patterned backgrounds?



  1. I like your patterns but also the white. It's fun to mix it up sometimes. Xxxx

  2. Da funky prints n designs fascinate me more.... They are cute.. really...


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