Saturday, 1 September 2012

Cutey Shamballa bracelets

Hey guys, a jewellery post for you today :)

You may have seen in some of my instagram pics that I like shamballa bracelets :)  I bought one a while ago with a groupon voucher and love it!  I already have a fairly blingy watch so I tend to wear them together for nights out :)  The nice people at cutey sent me a couple to review* - see my thoughts below.

My Thoughts

They're great quality, especially for the price (£18.99 each), a lot of shamballa bracelets are quite expensive, the one I had via Groupon was originally £60 but with the groupon I had it for £12.  The quality is great, I've been wearing these for a couple of weeks now and none of the gems have come out - and they haven't scratched up my watch!  One negative and it's more of an irritating one - they're super tight to undo to put on your wrist, and then really hard to tighten up to fit.  At least until they losen up with being used a lot, you'll need to have someone to put them on and take them off for you :) But hey, at least they won't be falling off :p

What do you think of shamballa bracelets?

Pixi3 out

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