Wednesday, 5 September 2012

SheSaid Beauty September box

Hey guys - so came home from work today surprised to see my SheSaid beauty box waiting for me!  Here's what was in mine (same as everyone else's I think)  :)

Blob of the primer - a powdery finish

Blob of the Marvel Gel - smells nice :)

My Thoughts

First impressions are good.  Nice to see a couple of full size products again.  The crispy things (popchips) were lovely!  Nicer than snack-a-jacks :)  The Collection primer, hmmm... on first swatch it did roll off at the edges, so we'll see - I'll with hold judgement on that one - and I can't wait to try the makeup fix spray :)  Interested to try the Ginvera Marvel gel too - will let you know what I think about that one - you all know I love the BB cream, we'll see if they can knock this one out of the park too.  Once I've had the chance to use the products properly I'll do full reviews on them :)

Pixi3 out


  1. Ooo hopefully this means that my one is on its way too. Wonder if it will be the same stuff. xx Laura xx

  2. I love Amie products so hope the mask isn't disappointing for you xoxo

  3. Mine arrived last week. I love the face primer, fixing spray and the cleansing oil. Got my glossy box yesterday. Was a bit disappointed with it. .


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