Monday, 15 October 2012

MUA nail polish haul

Hey guys!  First off, I bought these before 'No-buy October' started :)  Quite a few things I have yet to share with you that I bought before October began ;)

A couple of weeks ago, I went onto the MUA online shop when they were offering up 3 love hearts items with each order, I bought... quite a few things, nail polishes were part of it :)  I picked up these three, they're part of their new collection and I just love the colours!  Sadly, my nails are in no condition to actually show you the polishes on my nails, but I haven't bitten them for a week now, so they're heading back in the right direction!

Here's the 3 shades I picked up for £1 each, bargain!

As you can see, I've had a bit of fun with different filters, hope you like it :)

The shades I picked up were Amaretto Crush, Stormy Skies and Plum Noir.

One thing I really love about MUA polishes is the price, I mean, unless they're rubbish quality, which they aren't, you can't go wrong for £1!  Yes the bottles are smaller, but lets face it, I don't think many of us get to the end of a bottle of polish unless it's base/top coat.  They're also surprisingly good quality, it only takes 2 coats to get really flawless coverage, and that's better than my Chanel ones!  The only negative is the brush, it's quite splayed out and can drag the polish a bit, but hey, you could always use the brush of a used up old polish if you don't like it much.  Personally I just use the one it comes with, it's not too bad ;)  Again, for £1 each, you can't expect everything to be great ;)

Have you bought any of the new shades?  Which is your favourite?


  1. I love MUA, my superdrug lacks their products so I have to get them online though. I love their lipsticks and palettes!

    1. Me too! I have loads of their lipsticks, and palettes... oh and yeah, their varnishes :)

  2. I've bought both Amaretto Crush (wearing it at the mo- such a nice pink!) and Plum Noir. I haven't used Plum Noir yet but the brush on the Amaretto Crush was all splayed out! But like you said, for £1.00 you feel like you can't moan too much!xx

    1. hehe I have Amaretto Crush on now too :) You're gonna love Plum Noir that was the first one I used :)

  3. I have Amaretto Crush and Pistachio Ice Cream on my shopping list!
    I'm being super cheeky and waiting for the next deal! I have lots of things in my online basket! MUA is so good!

    Rachel x
    Lost In Lipstick

  4. I used an MUA nail polsih last week. I completely forgot I had it and I think I may have only used it once. I always use OPI's RapiDry Top Coat but I didn't have time to apply it before I went to work.

    The colour lasted 3 DAYS without chipping once, WITHOUT top coat! Which is better than some other more expensive polishes I own. So this is definitely £1 well spent. I love MUA.


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