Sunday, 25 November 2012

Dr Jart+ BB Cream

Hey guys!  I'm sure you've all heard about Dr Jart+ BB cream, but have you seen the new one that's out?  It's the Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB cream (perfect for drier months (or... more rainy!) such as Autumn/Winter).  Well I have, and I've been using it A LOT, so I thought I'd write a review on my thoughts of it and share it with you :)

Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB cream
Dr Jart+ Regenerating BB Cream 50 ml £21* available in (linky here)

Dr Jart BB cream squeezed onto my hand

They say "This Dr Jart+ BB Cream provides strong coverage for redness and spots which won't rub off as easily as traditional cosmetics. Skin will look brighter, whilst still suitable for problem and sensitive skin."

Dr Jart BB Cream blended in to the back of my hand looking flawless
Hmm, the light really picks up on the little hairs on my hands here :S  Either way, this is the Dr Jart BB Cream all blended in (matches skin tone really well)

What is BB Cream?

I do get asked this a lot so I thought I'd write here what I usually tell people, in case you don't know :)  BB Cream was developed in the East designed to cover up post-op scarring but whilst providing hydration and coverage similar to that of a light foundation or tinted moisturiser.  Seeing as it was developed in the East which are typically fairly hot countries, Eastern BB creams (and in my opinion, all good BB creams) come with SPF 30 as well.  You'll notice that a lot of the Western BB Creams only usually have SPF 15 (and again, in my opinion, aren't as good).  So BB creams are similar to tinted moisturisers, but give better coverage and SPF protection, so it's like a sunscreen, moisturiser and foundation in one :)  I hope that helps if you were unsure of what a BB cream is :)

My Thoughts

As you'll probably know, I'm a big fan of BB creams, I've raved and raved about the Ginvera BB cream (which I still love and smells so good!), but we all need to try new things (well, us beauty bloggers anyway, otherwise we'd have nothing to write about!) and the Dr Jart+ BB cream has been a great discovery.  To put it simply, it's made it's way into my daily makeup routine, that's how much I like it.  It's not a light watery consistency like some of the ones I've tried (like the Maybelline one - do not like that!), it's thicker much like the Rimmel Wake me up foundation, but still hydrating (great in this weather!).  I love the packaging too - it's not too fussy, it's nice, clear and simple.  This I will definitely be replacing when it's run out.  I'd say it's around the same quality as the Ginvera one, but thicker, providing a little more coverage (I'd say Ginvera is light/medium coverage, and Dr Jart+ is medium) and only differing in price by £1 (but with Ginvera you have to pay delivery too, which makes Dr Jart+ slightly cheaper if you buy it in store as opposed to online).

So, if you're looking for a good, decent and hydrating BB cream, I would certainly recommend this.  If you're looking to try Dr Jart+ I can highly recommend the Water Max Sleeping Mask too - review of that is here.

What's your favourite Dr Jart+ product?


  1. hello)
    i like you blog)

  2. I requested a sample for this from their facebook page but it might be a first come first served thing as they haven't gotten back to me :/ x

  3. I wish I had picked one of these up whilst they were on offer but I have SO many BB creams it's silly! xo

  4. i heard very good words about this and this is o=in my wishlist... wanted this badly

  5. I love Dr Jart BB cream, I've just ordered another. It's my favourite as it suits my paleness best out of all the bb cream I've tried
    Daniella x

  6. I really want to try this, I have heard so many good things :)


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