Saturday, 3 November 2012

Oh Oh it's magic

Thought I'd try a funky title for you ;)

How are you all on this lovely Saturday?  I'm fine, thanks for asking :)  I'm actually visiting family today so I'm great :)  I have a nice little skincare review for you today from a local (Cardiff/Welsh) brand called Oh Organics (yep, now the post title makes sense eh?)  As usual, cheeky pics then a summary at the end :)

About Oh Organics (taken from their website)

At Oh! Organics we specialise in making luxurious cosmetics, soaps, lip balms and candles. Our products are not only luxurious but natural, ethical and affordable. Most of our products are suitable for vegans.  We want people to be able to use the plants around them to enhance their lives!  All our products are made in small batches to incorporate as many active plant constituents as possible  and each batch is made with love and care.

This is the little bag the items came in :)

Melissa toner 50ml, £7.50 

They say "This lovely rich and luxurious and beautifully scented cream will sink into your skin,leaving it feeling soft but dry enough so that you can apply your make up on top and your make up will last. The oils that have been added to this cream will be absorbed by your skin throughout the day  balancing and nourishing it.
Apply a small amount (just under the size of 5p coin) to your face after cleansing. Apply to your face and neck use gentle upwards and outwards strokes, which will help to tone your skin and apply make-up as usual. Use daily. This jar should last 3-4 months."

"This moisturiser is made using infusions and decoctions of Lemon Balm (melissa officinalis) plants; Cocoa butter, Mango butter, and lemon balm infused sweet almond oil. To this I have added Kiwi Seed oil, Borage oil, Thistle Seed oil and Jojoba oil. The essential oils in this cream are Melissa, Geranium, Jasmin, Lemongrass and Neroli. Not only do these oils help balance your skin they also smell divine."

Melissa moisturiser 60ml jar, £24

My Thoughts

Now, there's no point messing around, it's pretty obvious from the pics, but I was sent these by Oh Organics for the purpose of reviewing.  The small moisturiser sample tubs you can actually request for free on their site as a 'try before you buy' here.

The Moisturiser - So this is the Melissa moisturiser.  It has a lovely fresh, fruity balanced scent, the kind you would expect in an organic product.  It's hydrating and non-oily.  I had a small breakout when using this, however it wasn't attributed to the moisturiser (I believe), but more because I'd stopped using my holy grail moisturiser which has single handily cleared up my acne - I tend to find this happens when I switch to other moisturisers.  So no fault of this one.

The Toner - I had mixed feelings about this.  It did a fantastic job of getting rid of any excess dirt after cleansing, very very effective.  What I wasn't so keen on was the scent, but it all depends on your preference.  I really like sweet scents, and this had what I can only describe as a dry scent to it... I know, that's a rubbish explanation :p  But, with that said, after you tone, you moisturise, and at that point I wasn't able to smell the toner any more, so it wasn't a big deal.

All in all I liked both of these, I would purchase them, they were decent products.  What I really would love to try of theirs are their lip balms, they sound so yummy (blackcurrant, vanilla, mandarin, lemon and lime).

Have you tried Oh Organics before?

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