Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Blogmas Day 4 - Handmade Christmas Cards

Oooh do I have a big juicy Christmassy post for you today!  So, I'd been planning on doing a step by step guide/tutorial on how to handmake Christmas cards literally for months, and on Thursday I actually sat down to make some, nothing like leaving it until the last minute eh?  Anyway, when I spammed facebook/twitter/instagram with pics of me making cards, I had a couple of people specifically ask how I made that particular design/style.  Now, these were left overs from last year, so I wasn't planning on making a bunch of them for this year, but I have made a few for the sake of this post for you :)  Anyway, I'm waffling now, so without further ado, here's how to do it :)

What you'll need

A pair of scissors
Double sided sticky tape
An assortment of card (colours of your choice)
A rubber stamp
Spongy sticky tape
An Ink it up ink pad (I usually use silver)
A Heat it up heat tool
Plain cards (size and colour of your choice)
Some Heat it up embossing powders (of your choice - I used snowflake and holographic mostly)
A piece of paper to protect your work area
Either a craft tidy or a piece of folded paper to pour unused glitter back into the tub

Steps 1-3

Step 1 - take your chosen stamp and the ink pad, and ink up the stamp well.
Step 3 - push the stamp down really hard on your chosen card for the stamp background.
Step 3 - you'll be left with this silver print on your card.


Steps 4-6

Step 4 - pick the Heat it up powder you want to use (I'm using Holographic)
Step 5 - generously cover the print to ensure it's completely covered
Step 6 - tap off the excess into a craft tidy or your folded piece of paper (then pour excess back into the pot)


Steps 7-9

Step 7 - this is what it will look like
Step 8 - plug in the heat it up heat tool, wait for a good 5-10 secs to heat up, then hold it about 1inch away from the design, and slowly move it over, you'll see it change texture / colour as you go
Step 9 - take some scissors and cut out the design, leaving a small border around it


Steps 10-12

Step 10 - this is what it should look like
Step 11 - cut out a rectangle of your chosen fancy paper to sit behind it, it'll need to be bigger than the stamped shape to leave a border and cover the back of your stamped card in double sided sticky tape
Step 12 - stick the stamp cutout onto the fancy paper, centering it


Steps 13-15

Step 13 - take some spongy sticky tape and cut out two strips to sit on the back of the topper you've created
Step 14 - stick to chosen card, and done!
Step 15 - be very careful when putting glitter back into pot, this can happen :p

Also, have some fun with it, experiment with different embossing powders, different stamps on different cards and with different inks - each time you'll get a completely different effect, some will work and some won't, but finding out is the fun part :)

There'll be another instalment of card making in about a week with some different designs so watch this space!

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  1. I really wish I was crafty. This looks so simple and yet I will mess it up. Beautiful cards!


  2. They're really easy to do, as long as you have the materials :)


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