Saturday, 8 December 2012

Blogmas Day 8 - Christmas Party Nails

Hey guys!  Can you believe it's only 17 days until Christmas? This month is going so fast it's making my head spin!

So I sat down today and thought, what can Blogmas Day 8 be about (I have written a bit of a plan, but I wanted to do something nails orientated as I didn't put any nail stuff in my plan).  I peered over to my nail polish collection, and 2 polishes had fallen together in the bag and I thought they'd make the perfect pairing for a festive mani, so here's my festive inspired nails!

I'm not going to do the usual 'my thoughts' here as it's not a review, but I used Essie's Recessionista, and Model's Own glitter ball in Hot Stuff.  The two go perfectly together!  Recessionista is a beautiful maroon toned colour (very on trend and glam), and Hot Stuff brings the party with an assortment of different shaped glitter, perfect for Christmas parties :)

The nice thing is, depending on what you're wearing, you can team up Hot Stuff with an assortment of colours for it to look nice, it looks beautiful with Essie's Fiji, and equally as lovely with any black nail polish too.  I actually have a work xmas party on the 14th and this is how I plan to do my nails for that :)

What's your favourite festive combination?

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  1. These 2 colours go perfectly together the look great for the season x

  2. Cute combo, that models own polish is stunning :)

    Sophierosehearts x

    1. Yeah, I love it - the only thing is I find myself picking off the big pieces of glitter :p

  3. Love your nails look great for the party season.

  4. I really need to add some Models Own glitter topcoats to my collection! xo


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