Monday, 14 January 2013

Top 5 January Nail Polishes

So I sat down the other day and went through my nail polish collection, which I might add, has grown somewhat over the last year!  I picked out some shades which I thought for me, summed up January, from cool to bright shades, all I feel are perfect for easing ourselves into the new year.

For me, this is the perfect combination of cool day time colours (starting on the left), progressing to the more fun evening type colours (on the right), but all could easily be worn vice versa, this is just the order I'd be more likely to wear them in (with the exception of the purple opi, I'd happily wear that every day for the rest of my life)  :)

1. Essie's Fiji, 2. NYC's Park Ave, 3. Essie's Smokin' Hot, 4. Revlon's Cherries in the snow, 5. OPI's Suzi and the 7 Dussledorfs

Essie's Fiji

The perfect light shade for day or night.  Better for the night if it's teamed up with a glitter top coat, like Rimmel's Disco Gold (part of their permanent collection) - they go beautifully together. The quality is fantastic and you can get full opacity in two coats.  They don't chip quickly, especially with a good base and top coat and they're only £7.99 each, amazeballs :)

NYC's Park Ave

I love this colour, a lovely brown/grey/taupe colour (not a very good description I know!).  The quality is great, again two coats is all you need, quality is good and they're only £1.79 each, bargain!

Essie's Smokin' Hot

I adore this dusky purple colour.  It's beautifully smoky, an almost dirty purple.  The more coats you put on the darker it seems to get.  As with all Essie polishes, they last well and don't chip too quickly.  It's the usual £7.99, great value for money, and with Essie they have a great range of shades too.

Revlon's Cherries in the Snow

A beautiful bright shade perfect for the winter.  I love that it only takes one coat for opaque coverage.  One thing I love about this colour is when you really look at it, you can't tell if it's a deep hot pink or a bright vibrant red.  The brush is decent on it, it lasts well and doesn't chip for a good couple of days.  You can snap it up for £5 for a beautiful on-trend seasonal colour. *great for parties*

OPI's Suzi and the 7 Dussledorfs

What can I say, I'm in love with this colour, it's shiny, metallic and the most beautiful purple you've ever seen.  The brush is fantastic, and together with the OPI base and top coat, you'll get a good 6 days wear out of it before it chips.  This is the most expensive of the 5 at £11 but it's worth every penny.  This is the perfect evening shade (not much stops me wearing it at any time though!).

So they're my top picks, I hope you like them, I love them for January :)  Oh, and I'll be making this a monthly feature, my top five polishes for that month :)

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  1. I nearly bought Smokin Hot but got Chinchilly instead, love both x

  2. The essie one is so pretty :) Great post I never know what nail plish to wear in january xx

  3. Revlon cherries looks gorgeous x


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