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My Favourite Xbox Games

One of the things I want to do this year is to share a little bit more about myself and the kind of things I like to do outside work and blogging.  Back before I started blogging and YouTubing all my spare time was taken up gaming.  Then I reached a point where nothing really interested me, it was then that I found YouTube and then blogging and my interests shifted.  But now I've been blogging a little while I've managed to establish a bit of a routine (yay!) and finally have time to start gaming once again, more to the point, I want to start gaming again.

I have around... 70 xbox 360 games that I've collected over the years and these are just some of my favourites - games I have drunken memories of playing online with friends(PGR), games I've enjoyed the journey of (LA Noire), and games that have required skill to improve at (Guitar Hero), and, games that are pure fun (Lego LOTR).

Out of my collection, these are some of my favourites.


My love affair with Xbox began with Halo.  I remember when I was a student (yeah, that long ago!) it had just come out on the original xbox and one of my housemates had it - I couldn't get over how good the grass looked, I mean, there were individual blades of grass you could see, not just a green smush of colour on the ground.  After that, we (my hubby who was my boyfriend back then) bought our own xbox and Halo and played it through on co-op on every difficultly level.  On Friday and Saturday nights for about a year after, we'd play through our favourite levels again for fun.  I have really fond memories of Halo, it's a fantastic sci-fi story and the newer versions (Halo 3 onwards) have fantastic online multiplayer gameplay too.  Something I shall be getting back into.


It's slightly sneaky that I've included this in my Xbox list because it's mostly on the PC that I played it.  However, after giving the hubby my awesome gaming pc and me buying a MacBook, Skyrim won't run on this anymore, so we picked up a pre-owned copy for the Xbox so I could play it on that instead, and pick up some achievements on the way.  My love of this series on the xbox started with Oblivion, as it did with many others.  For those of you who don't know, Oblivion is the Elder Scrolls release before Skyrim - very similar games (Skyrim is pretty much an evolution of Oblivion).  Oblivion was one of those games where I completed every achievement possible, even on the DLC (downloadable content) - I ploughed 200 hours of play time into it over the space of about 1-2 years and enjoyed every last minute of it.  It's fair to say, Skyrim really lived up to the hype and it's predecessor (Oblivion), it's visually stunning, immersive  customisable (weapons/armour) and just sheer brilliant - a game I plan to start spending more time on over the coming months.

Guitar Hero

The original Guitar Hero I think, was only available on the PS2 - Guitar Hero 2 came out in the early days of the 360 which is when I started playing it, with the Fisher Price looking guitars (which I still have).  This is the only version of Guitar Hero I can say I have come the closest to completing.  I have 4 songs on expert left to do and that's it - I've 99% completed the Buckethead song - crazy I know but I don't think I'll get that final stretch done.  It's been too long of not playing to complete it, but that's fine. I still have fun picking it back up again and playing a few songs whether that's on Guitar Hero 2, 3 or Rock Band.  I really like skilful games like this, they're not something you can bluff through or really get lucky at.  If you complete it on Hard, you've really earned it.  I guess it's kinda the same as PGR and Forza, games that you need to learn and get good at as there's a skill level involved - both fantastic racing games by the way :)

So, that's this beauty blogger's summary of my favourite Xbox games, I might do another of my PC games, but I'm likely to waffle on about that for even longer!  Maybe mobile games too :)

Whats your favourite Xbox games to play?

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this post!! It's lovely to know a little more about a blogger and I must admit I love to play a bit of xbox too! I also have a love affair for halo. This was a lovely post and a great read. I hope you're okay!
    Sharna :) xo

  2. It is good to see there are other gaming beauty bloggers out there haha :) Love this post. I am more of a Nintendo 3DS girl but love watching my boyfriend on the Xbox! LA Noire looked fab and almost made me play it myself haha! Great idea to share posts like this :)

    Becky xxx

  3. omg, I absolutely love you! It's amazing to see a post completely different on a beauty blog. I'm a sucker for Guitar hero at the moment. You have give me inspiration to do a post similar. You're a ledge chick!x

  4. LA Noire is definitely my all time favourite game! I don't own it, but I force my boyfriend to play on it as much as possible. The graphics are amazing....and I love driving the cars :)

    Laura x

  5. How timely! I'm in the midst of a serious Mass Effect relapse right now. I replayed the ending in ME1, played through with my character on ME2, and just started into ME3. Needless to say, my blog has paid the price for saving the universe. I'm going to have to check out this LA Noire.

  6. Skyrim is amazing! If you like that you need to check out Fallout, New Vegas is my favourite.
    I also love Fable, which you should check out too! You can pick them up relatively cheap now, start with number 2.
    I wasn't that big a fan of LA Noire, it ended up annoying me. Also not the hugest Halo fan, but that's more my fault because I'm awful at any shooter.
    At the moment I am playing Kingdom of Amalur: Reckoning which is pretty decent, Far Cry 3 which is amazing and dishonoured, which I'm not too good at either...

  7. We have so many of the same favourite games! I adoored LA Noire, and I am absolutely hooked by all the Lego games, I think they're brilliant! Give Saints Row The Third a go, I really enjoyed that. Just purely good fun! xxxx

  8. I love Skyrim <3 I'd like to say I have tonnes of Xbox games like you but I have the trade-in bug :p mind you, as soon as I leave the shop I regret trading it in haha x


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