Sunday, 17 February 2013

My Obsession Confession

Sooo... many of you may know, from reading regular posts, following me on twitter, seeing my YouTube videos that I have a thing for purple.  I seriously love it, and if you team it with black, it's even better *giggidy* - and when I was photographing some products to review yesterday I looked at my nail polish collection and realised that I have an above average collection of purple nail polishes... how had I not noticed this before!

Did you count them up?  No? I did... 16 of them... 16!!!!!  Now, that's a lot of purple!  It wouldn't be so bad if I didn't have a large collection of teal/peppermint shades, reds, nudes and glitter polishes, but I do... don't get me wrong, I don't have a crazy collection (not by a beauty bloggers standard anyway!) I think I come in at around 40-50 polishes in total.

Whats crazier is that some of these shades, (kinda embarrassed to admit this) I've never even worn!  Like, why?  What made me buy them?  Some of them it's easy why I got them, like the OPI one at the front of the above pic - its simply the most beautiful purple that's ever been made :)

So today I'm saying, my name is Georgina and I have an addiction to buying purple nail polish.  What's your addiction?

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  1. You so need to add Cocktail Colour by Rimmel to your collection, such a gorgeous purple :) x

  2. I love purple !! everythng is purple in my life even my hair !! My fav purple polish is a pinky purple by models own call pink fever ;-) I want your purpl polish stash !

  3. Mine is pink nail varnishes, ihave so many. xxx

  4. Ahhhh im a big purple fan too!better keep these babies safe, i'd love to get my mitts onthese haha!

  5. The OPI colour is gorgeous! I tend to gravitate towards blue/turquoise colours, but I'm trying to mix it up and go for colours I don't normally wear like pink. I'm obsessed with lip products right now xx

  6. I only own one purple! Stormy Nights by Model's Own Pro - it's LUSH! :3. Would love a follow back if you get a chance, just getting into blogging properly. (: xx

  7. I have a million purple nail polishes too! Barry M Gelly in Blackberry has to be my favourite at the moment!

  8. I'm also crazy about purple (with a purple coat, gloves, scarf and shoes I have to be careful not wear them together all at once!) but shockingly I don't think I own one purple nail varnish (oh apart from Fantasy Fire which my boyfriend bought me) x

  9. A girl after my own heart!!!! I seem to have a huge obsession with purple and blues!!!! I cant help it, and when my mum says "but you have a purple" i reply, "yeah but not like THIS one!!!"....
    As a nail polish aholic anyway, i totally understand your obsession....its made me think to get all mine out and actually have a look at what i DO have!!!.....EEeeep! That could be a scary finding....!!
    Fab post hun!!

  10. I'm the same but I go on to never wear them as I never seem in the mood for wearing purple nails! Horrendous!

    Elspeth xx


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