Thursday, 21 March 2013

Benefit Fake Up

So as you'll probably know, I went to a Benefit cosmetics event last week in Swansea (you can read all about my evening there here).  The event was all about a new product they're releasing called Fake Up, it's a stick concealer with a ring of balm around it.  It's being released here in the UK on March 30th.

They say "This NEW hydrating crease-control concealer, is proven to keep the skin hydrated for 6 hours!  The hydrating ring has vitamin E & apple seed extract for immediate moisurisation! The concealing core hides dark circles, smooths skin and diffuses light."

Fake Up is launching in 3 different shades (not sure if they have plans to launch more shades in the future) which are Light, Medium and Deep.  For me, light is my undereye / highlight shade - medium is slightly darker than my natural skintone and deep is way way darker but works well as a contour shade, primarily if you put a strip if it in the hollows of your cheeks and blend out.

Their head makeup artist (Lisa) recommended applying this beneath your foundation for a more flawless and subtle finish.

My Thoughts

So, what did I think of these?  Well, I had my reservations.  I used to use Boi-ing which stopped working for me as my skin has aged a bit, it would crack under my fine lines and need re-blending throughout the day - but to be honest, I'm finding this with almost every product I've got/use at the moment, I think this is what happens as you get older :/

Anyway, they claim it's 'creaseless' this I was dubious about, I have fine lines under my eyes so I wasn't convinced it would really be creaseless.  It wasn't.  It did crease on me, but only a tiny bit, much less than other concealers I've used, once I blended out the creasing in my fine lines (when it first happened), it wouldn't re-crease.  So, I wouldn't say it's creaseless, but it's pretty close to.

Their staying power was good - I didn't need to re-apply the concealer once it was on, it stayed put all day, kept my eye's looking bright underneath, covering up well the dark circles.

As for using the 'deep' shade for contouring.  This worked well, it's a bit orangey for my skin tone, but as long as I used it underneath the foundation it actually gave a nice warm glow in the hollows of my cheeks to add definition.

All in all these are really good products, I love the hydrating ring around the edge of the concealer, it really does help not to dry out certain problem areas like under the eye.  Benefit may have turned me around on this one :)

Where can you find them: At Benefit stands in Boots and Debenhams, but you can also find out more on their site here.
Cost: £18.50
Would I repurchase? I actually would, which I've surprised myself about!

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  1. These are so cue, I adore the packaging! The problem is that i'd be worried about how well it would match my skin colour

  2. Great post! I am looking forward to trying these - there is an event in London tonight for them (finally) and so I can have a play.

    I used to use Bo-ing too, I found that it was too thick, once I discovered MAC concealers.

    I think these will be hugely popular, every post I see about them is good!


  3. I need this.... xx

  4. I need this badly! Seems like such a great concept, my under eye areas always get so dry and the concealer creases bleughh. Hopefully this will solve it! lovely review xx


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