Saturday, 23 March 2013

MAC 90 min Makeup Lesson

So, a couple of weeks ago, I had a cheeky little treat, for Valentines my hubby bought me a MAC makeup lesson, so I booked in to go one day after work.  With the makeup lessons, they do the makeup on half your face and you do the other half under their guidance, thus teaching you (hopefully) new skills.

The lovely and amazing Joanne (the shop manager) was the lovely lady doing my makeup, demonstrating the products and giving me the lesson.  I have to say, the MAC freestanding door is worlds apart from the MAC in Debenhams when it comes to customer service - it was refreshing not to be ignored when I went to the freestanding store, for that, thanks Joanne (and the rest of the girls there) :)

Now, I've been a bit of a bad blogger in that I can't necessarily remember everything she used on me that day, so I'll be referring to the face chart to fill the gaps!

After priming (Prep & prime skin) and moisturising (Studio moisture fix & oil control lotion) we used the Face & Body foundation in N2, Joanne showed me how it 'cracks' when you warm it up.  If you haven't experienced this, put a tiny bit on the back of your hand, and rub your finger over it in small circular motions, keep going, keep going then you feel it suddenly get really thick and change consistency, well, now you have a concealer too!  Amazing!

Then we concealed up my blotchy skin with Pro Longwear in NW20 which worked great!

On to the brows we used Lingering and highlighted with Brule.  On the eyes we primed with Vintage Selection paint pot (beautiful!), Silver Birch, Texture & Folie.  For eyeliner we used Stubborn brown eyeliner (love that name!) which is a waterproof kohl liner (in the 5 hours it was on, it didn't transfer to my eyelid either, which ALWAYS happens!).

On the cheeks, we used an MSF in light (well, for all over the face!), the blusher we used was 'Rosy Out look' which is stunning and on my wish list now, and Lightscapade to highlight.

Finally the lips - we used the lip liner Subculture which is a lovely nude colour with a pink tint to it (if my memory serves me correctly!) and we used the gloss 'Dynasty at Dusk' love that name too!

Forgive me if I've got some of these names wrong, and the not great picture, but it was night time :)  I really love how Joanne did my makeup, different from how I would have done it, focussing on bring the crease colour upwards as opposed to out (which is how I usually do it) and not adding liner to my water liner (which I always do).  She also didn't use liquid liner and in brown not black - it was really refreshing to do something different, and she did it so well, I thought my makeup looked really feminine which was lovely.  Next time I have an event coming up (after my spending ban is over of course), I think I'll book in to have her do my makeup again.  Thanks again lovelies!

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  1. Wow this looks amazing! Have you been able to recreate it yourself? Xx

  2. Ooh looks gorgeous, sounds fun too :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  3. Look gorgeous :)


  4. This is such a great idea, i'd love to get a long lesson like that. Love the look you went for! x

  5. I think it's always fun to see how the pro's would do your face - coz it's almost very different from what we are used to see on ourselfs. Maybe now you got a few new ideas on how to create a new side of Georgina ;)

  6. Aww you always have your eyes so lovely! I love the shades you use will have to take note ;) xx

  7. Looks gorgeous - I'm always and forever lemming MAC blushes x

  8. What a fantastic experience, wish I could have loved my Mac make up application experience as much as this, but unfortunately the customer service was horrendous.

    Gem xxx

  9. That sounds like a brilliant experience! The look is really pretty too :)

  10. Looks lovely, i've been thinking of buying some mac for a while, i don't own anything of theirs

  11. wow, it is looking very nice.

  12. hey ! was wondering if you get any products with that? or is that gonna be extra expense ?

  13. hey ! was wondering if you get any products with that? or is that gonna be extra expense ?


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