Wednesday, 13 March 2013

March Biggest Pixi3 advertiser - A Scottish Lass

As you may or may not know, for March I've added a new slot to my advertising options, the Biggest Pixi3 slot - and what's special about this one, is that you get an entire blog post dedicated to you :)  This month, the lovely Laura from A Scottish Lass is my Biggest Pixi3 advertiser, so this blog post is dedicated to her and her lovely blog :)

There's a bit of a story to Laura.  I first found her blog on twitter, and it was this blog post that was tweeted was her TAG of 'Where do you live'.

At that moment, I favorited  subscribed and followed Laura, I loved her home, and the way she wrote and was hooked!  I vowed to do that TAG (which I eventually did 5 months later here!).  I've seen her blog evolve from having around 20 followers when I discovered her to now having over 500!  She's come a really long way in a very short time, and I'm really proud to call her my best blogging friend.

Laura writes great detailed reviews, and since she got a new camera, she's been taking some really lovely photo's too :)  One of my favourite reviews of hers is a recent one on the MUA Artiste palette - I had no idea the shadows were shimmery until I saw her review, they look so pretty :)

Laura does love high end makeup too, so you can find lots of lovely high end makeup reviews on there, as well as high street ones (I challenged her to get a high street makeup collection, I know she bought a few of those pieces before the challenge) :)  She's been doing the 100 day spending challenge a long with about another 30-40 of us, and she's been doing really well, not cheating once, despite her previous regular trips to Tesco for some retail therapy :)

Be sure to head over and check out her blog, she's one of my favourite bloggers, here are her links :)

Instagram:  @laurz85

This months bigest pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Laura from A Scottish Lass,
And be sure to check out my lovely middle-pixi3 advertisers who this month are Sarah from Life in a Breakdown, Angelica from One Little Vice, Fiona from La Belle Dame Sans Merci, and Sally from The Human Mannequin - be sure to head over to check out their beautiful blogs <3



  1. aw a fab new blog to follow ! i love this where do you live tag im going to have to have a go ;-)


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