Monday, 4 March 2013

NYX Eye liner and Glam Shadow

Hi guys, well, have I been keeping a secret for the last month or what! I've been dying to tell you all, but couldn't really until now!  NYX kindly approached me and asked me if I'd like to be their NYX blogger of the month for March! How amazing!  They're putting my banner/pic/links up on their site tomorrow (5th March) - if you want to take a peek at last months her details are still up right now so head over and have a look :)

One of the perks of being asked to be blogger of the month is that they sent me 4 lovely products to review, two in this post, and two in a post to come later in the month :)  So without further ado, here's my review of two of the products :)

Glam Shadow in Emotion available on their site for £5.50 and Slide on Liner in Jewel £6.50

Glam Shadow - They say "Be a glow-getter using the Glam Shadows attainable in 22 long-lasting shades that provides a lustrous finish. Get a standing ovation as you glide through the streets wearing the Glam Shadow packed with extreme color and dose of sparkle enhance your luminous beauty!"

Slide on Liner - They say "Dont let the softness of this eye liner pencil fool you. Silky soft yet delivers a powerful robust colour to line eyes. The formula is waterproof, doesnt smear or smudge, and provides extreme colour. its like a liquid eye liner in a pencil without the mess. available in 18 intense shades."

My Thoughts

I haven't tried a massive range of NYX products - just the mahoosive eye shadow palette I reviewed here, a blusher in Pinched (perfect NARS orgasm dupe) and a single eye shadow in Taupe (beautiful crease colour).

First off - I love NYX packaging.  It's the details like a little bow on the end of their gloss, and the quality of the single eye shadows are brilliant, they're very sturdy and don't feel cheap at all, which is quite fitting as they're not 'that' cheap ;)

The eye shadow - this actually reminds me a bit of the Urban Decay eye shadow in Midnight Cowboy rides again, but not as much fall out and the glitter is smaller, oh and it's slightly darker.  It's a really pretty colour either to work through your crease for a bit of sparkle, or all over your lid with a darker colour in the crease, or under your lower lashes to lighten it up a bit.  As for quality, it lasts really well throughout the day with a primer without the intensity of colour fading.  Only negative I can think of is that you will get a bit of fall out due to the glitter, but it's really not that much :)

The liner - this is probably one of the favourite things that they sent to me.  It's the prettiest colour, a blush/purple with pink/purple/gold-ish glitter in it.  What I love about this, it stays put.  I wear it under my lower lashes and the glitter in it doesn't budge all day.  The colour intensity stays the same too.  It's creamy, but not so much that it wears off quickly.  This really is a great liner, I can't say enough good things about it.  I've pretty much used it every day since I've had it (about 2 weeks).

I always feel conscious of writing a rave review about something which has been given to me to review, but I really am finding it difficult to say negative things about these, I genuinely love them :)  They're good value for money, last well and come in a great range of colours.

What's your favourite NYX product?

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  1. love the colour of that eye shadow! great review and a lovely blog :)


    1. Thanks Emily :) The shadow is really beautiful :)

  2. Congrats on being their blogger of the month! I've been wanting to try NYX products for ages and after seeing your review, I'm definitely going to have to order some! :) x

    1. Thanks :) You should! When I'm off my spending ban I'm going to be putting an order in to get more of their stuff :D

  3. Love the eyeshadow colour and yay for being their blogger of the month xx

  4. I've never tried NYX but I'd love to be their BotM. Their eyeliner is beaut. Lucky lady
    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  5. Congrats on beign NYX blogger for the month thats awesome. I love their products specially their NYX Mega Shine Lip Glosses in Beige and Natural those two colors are my favorite :)

    Awesome review thanks for sharing ;)

    Leslie xx

    1. Thanks Leslie :) I need to get some of their mega shine lip glosses when I'm off my spending ban :)

  6. Woop, congrats lady!

    I love the Jewel eyeliner. Stunning. xx


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