Monday, 25 March 2013

The day I became a...

... makeup artist.

Yep, you read that right!  A week ago I got to spend a fantastic evening being super creative being an MUA on a photo shoot.

The photographer and his wife make up Cross-Jones photography (located here in Cardiff).  They wanted to do a shoot inspired by the recent series of Americas Next top Model where the models had pigment all over their face.  The difference was, instead of using the peachy-red that was originally used on Alison, they wanted blue.

The model was Laura from What Laura Did (a local South Wales beauty and lifestyle blogger).  So, we rocked up at Laura's house, the Cross-Jones team set up their studio in Laura's spare room and I got to work on Laura!

I won't bore you with too many details of what I used, but it was basically a combination of 3 different blue eyeshadows as well as a silver one. Eyes started off very light with just mascara, and as the shoot progressed we added lots more eye shadow to the face, and darkened the eyes with black kohl liner, added a bit of gloss to the lips for the blue pigment to stick to too :)

I had a fantastic time, I loved every second of it, so thanks to Laura for being a great model, and thanks to Chantelle and Jonathan for being great photographers and inviting me to take part.

I hope you enjoy these photo's and be gentle, it was my first time being an MUA (not my first time doing makeup on others, but first time for a photographer)


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  1. Nominated you - see my blog - xx

  2. This is great, you did a fab interpretation of that shoot! xx

  3. Brilliant love the way the blue is more sttriking, beauitful face :) x

  4. It looks fab! Well done my lovely!xx

  5. Great job miss :D creative makeup shoots are my favourite to do!


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