Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Filthy Gorgeous London - Rosey Posey

Cast your mind back a couple of weeks, you may recall my post about when I went to London.  I went down for a blogger meetup that the lovely Tattooed Tea Lady organised, it was so lovely to finally meet her :)

There we were given some pretty sweet goody bags and my intention was to do a post on all the products that were in it, but I think what I'll do is just review each item one at a time, which is what I would have done anyway :)  So today we start with this bright little gem, perfect for spring and kicking off May :)

They say "This neon pink looks perfect with a tan with it’s bright and highly glossy finish! Our long wearing, chip resistant pro-formula nail polish is made without Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP."

Filthy Gorgeous London nail polish in Rosey Posey, £9*

My Thoughts

I actually had a couple of these for Christmas a couple of years ago off my lovely hubby, one was a green pure glitter shade and the other a deep purple (no surprises there then!).  This is a hot pink, bordering on neon pink.  It's not the typical colour I'd have picked out for myself, but I really love it.  It was nice to wear a different colour and go outside my comfort zone, and it's so perfect for Spring!

They said it's 'chip free', maybe if you have fairly strong nails it is, but this did chip on me after 2 days - I used the OPI base and top coat with it too, but I do have quite weak and bendy nails

One thing I didn't photograph is the cute little plectrum tag that comes with these (I'd already taken it off to eagerly paint my nails, hehe).

I'm a big fan of Filthy Gorgeous London, I love their branding, the bottle shapes, the colours and the quality (not terrible).  Yes, the quality may not be perfect, but they're decent and definitely worthy of £9.

This months bigest pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Laura from A Scottish Lass



  1. You've just reminded me I own this colour. It's so nice, need to start wearing it more often.

  2. that is such a gorgeous colour! we love our bright nail polish all year roud

  3. That's such a gorgeous colour, really girly :) <3

  4. Beautiful colour but sadly neon pink doesn't look good on my hands :(

  5. You have very lovely manicured nails! Jealous!! L xx
    A Scottish Lass

  6. The bottle is cute, especially the top. And the colour looks gorgeous on you. x

    Shang J.| The Feminine Crusade

  7. Love that colour, its fun and elegant and loving the price even more!


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