Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Dior Nude BB Creme

I could have written this review the day after I got it, I'd made up my mind that fast what I thought of it.  But to keep things fair, I waited 2-4 weeks of wearing it every single day, not even my Dr Jart BB cream made an appearance - that might give you a little clue what I thought about this!

I picked it up in Boots for £30, but they had a deal on that day to get £10 of advantage card points when you purchased a product from Dior - whoop!

My Thoughts

Ok - I'm going to get the two negatives out of the way off the bat. First, the price - it's £30 and NOT a foundation, but a BB Cream - that's a lot of money.  Secondly, I was colour matched to the wrong shade - I am nearly every time I get colour matched, they always match me too dark as the people on the counters still haven't caught on that you need to match the colour to your neck and chest, not the skin on the face, which is almost always darker.  Anyway - all that aside, it's still a workable shade as it's the summer :)

Now onto the good - and boy oh boy is there a lot of it!  Ok firstly, packaging.  I love that it's a tube with a pump on it, so rarely do you get a combination like that, it's usually one or the other, so that's a big plus from me.  Next up, the formula.  It's not too thick, but not too runny either.  One pump is about all you'll need unless you're going for heavier cover, which reminds me, it is buildable.  It blends in really well - I've only used my fingers for blending so can't comment what it's like with a brush.

The first time I used it I was a bit worried as it seemed to highlight my pores, but I kept blending and that wasn't a problem any more.  If you've been reading my blog for any length of time you might remember that I always have issue with foundation cracking all around my chin area - well, this pretty much doesn't happen at all with the Dior BB creme.

The finish - is simply flawless.  It's not thick and not heavy but seems to cover everything really well.  My favourite thing about it is how well it sets on my skin.  I'm sure I'm not the only one who hates that most foundations still feel slightly liquidy hours after applying, but this doesn't.  However long after you leave it, if you touch your cheek you won't feel the bb creme on it - I've never experienced anything like this before, it's love at first application!

I really can't recommend this enough to anyone - all I need is to be colour matched to the right shade!

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. Ok, now I want this even more :) x

  2. It is just wonderful isn't it, totally worth the money xx

  3. The packaging sounds great - and good to know I'm not the only person that makes rash purchases when there's a discount or bonus in hand! xx

    Daphne | Peanut Butter and Chocolate | bloglovin'

  4. It seems to be really popular at the moment. Lisa Eldridge definitely brought it to people's attentions! I love mine so much.

    Molly x
    Lyon Notes

  5. Oh wow, I keep hearing good things about this one. But yeah $30 is steep for it. Then again, most bb creams - even not so high end, fall in that price range. -.-

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea

  6. It still seems so expensive for a bb creme. But it must be worth it if it's getting all this hype. Thanks for the review!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  7. What a shame they matched you the wrong shade. I tend to chose my own shades now find that works better for me. I really wanna get this, it looks fab! xx

  8. Why do counter girls always insist on matching you to a darker shade! I picked up 003 which is fine for me now but would probably be wayyy to dark in the winter. I love this though, just wish it was a bit cheaper! Winner though that you got the £10 advantage points!


  9. You sold me on it! I placed the order but now i am a little worried I picked the wrong shade :-(
    But it sounded amazing

  10. I bought it because you raved about it ages ago, have to say I didn't like it at first but my skin was irritable at the time. My skin has since cleared a bit and it is perfect now, all the coverage I need for during the day through the week xx


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