Sunday, 2 June 2013

Girls night in

According to research from Ladbrokes Bingo 35% of women said they prefer to have a pampering night in instead of hitting the town (hell, I know I fall into this category!), so with that in mind, here's my perfect pamper evening :)

Off with the makeup

Before a good pampering, we need to remove our makeup.  To do this my choice is the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser, (you can use any one but if you're having a pampering, I'd use a special one).  Once that's done, I'd reach for a nice facial scrub, and the one that I find works really well, it isn't too rough but you know you're using a scrub is the Neutrogena spot scrub.  Next, treat the skin with a nourishing mask, I've picked the Body Shop blue corn mask - it smells really refreshing :)

That's the face done, now for the body!

Whether you're a bath or shower girl, these are some serious products to make you feel awesome :)  First off the shower gel - what I'm loving at the moment is the Korres vanilla cinnamon - it smells amazing and leaves your skin feeling really soft :)  We can't forget the hair too!  If you don't have the raved about Macadamia hair masque I'd recommend the Philip Kingsley elasticizer - just leave it on for 20 mins and your hair will be shiny and bouncy after it :)  While you're letting that work it's magic, lets use a scrub, at the moment I'm besotted with the Body Shop pink grapefruit scrub, it smells so amazing!


Here's my two favourite products for moisturising, generally I'd only use one, the only reason I'd use both is if I wanted the added white chocolatey scent of the soft coeur.  The Korres fig body butter is so good, I don't think it's buttery, but it does leave your skin soft and moisturised and smelling great :)  The soft coeur from Lush is amazing at leaving your skin soft and smelling great, but it will leave a slightly oily residue on your skin.

So you've pampered, then what?

Ok now depending on what type of person you are massively depends on what will appeal to you.  Me, my perfect night? A film on TV, laptop on my lap, cat curled up next to me and the internet at my fingertips.  As you'll probably know, I like to spend a lot of my time on twitter (and of course, writing these posts!) but there's a whole virtual world out there to explore, you could play facebook games like Words with Friends, surf pictures or videos of kittens (guilty as charged!), ooooh or the kitten livestream, play some online bingo with your friends (or just you!), look at the times square webcam (I love doing this!) - the world is your oyster :)

What's your favourite way to spend a night in?

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Written by Georgina Kent



  1. Love the sound of the Korres products! xx

  2. I am definitely more of a night in and pamper myself kind of girl xx

  3. Only 35% of women prefer to have a night in with a pampering session? It's is by far one of the only things I want at the end of a long week! K xox

  4. I love a long soak in the tub with moisturizing products. I found that if I add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the bathwater, it not only smells delicious but my skin feels super soft for days even if I don't put any moisturizer on! I'm a huge fan of hair masks, too!

  5. Although I love a night out, I'm a sucker for a pamper evening! I love slathering on a face mask, having a warm bubbly sweet-smelling bath with a hair mask on then spending ages showering it all off, before a mani-pedi, eyebrow pluck and moisturiser marathon! xxx


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