Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Guest writer - Daisy Dreams - The french manicure is back

The french manicure is back! (again) it makes a refreshing change from all the crazy nail art that has been sported so far this summer. The french manicure like the name suggests is 'French' but us Brits changed it up a little bit and made it look rather tacky and less parisian chic. I'm not talking about thick white tips and nails that are so long you physically can't do anything, i'm talking pushed back cuticles, pale nails and a quick white line with a pencil. This look is effortless and never really goes out of fashion.

After prepping your nails and cutting them down to what feels best for you, get some cuticle oil/balm (I use some by Burts Bees) and push your cuticles back, leaving a very clean looking nail. Then you need a clear or translucent base coat, I love 'Save The Nail' Ridge Filling Base Coat available from Boots for £5.95. It gives the nails a really smooth look, especially after the amount of glitter I have had on them they needed a bit of TLC.

I do one quick coat and it dries in about a minute. Although it looks pink in the bottle it comes out clear with a pink tint in the sun light. Next I have used Chanel's 331 Allegoria as the colour, again I just do one coat of this as I don't want the colour to come out too strong. I love Chanel nail polishes, although they are expensive I think they are worth the hefty price tag, I have had this polish for quite sometime and I am super impressed that it hasn't gone 'gloopy' and thick.

I always use a top coat to give the nail a really glossy finish, I have used 'Save The Nail' Wet Look Top Coat available from Boots for £6.95, it gives the nail a beautiful finish, and stops chipping brilliantly!! If I am in a rush I will finish my nails off with Sally Hansens 'Dry Kwik' nail drops, you only need to dip the brush in once to do one hand, and once more again for the other hand, a little goes a long way. With the drops on it will take less than five minutes for my nails to be done.

Lastly, when my nails have dried, I get my 'Nail White Pencil' from Rimmel London, which is available at Boots for only £2.99, and push it quite hardly under my nails to make sure the white colour comes through. I absolutely love this product, as you can pop it in your handbag and just top up your nail tips on the go. I do find that I have to do this every other day otherwise the colour doesn't last.

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Thanks to Daisy for writing this lovely post - hope you all enjoyed it :)  You can find her lovely blog here.

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. I haven't done a 'french manicure' in a long time. Think i'll do it soon. ❤ Scottish Lass ❤

  2. Love the color of the Chanel polish. Very pretty!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower


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