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Feature - Megan Fox - Steal her makeup look

Megan Fox natural makeup

When it comes to hair and make-up, Hollywood actress and all-round goddess Megan Fox always looks absolutely flawless. There are ways to nail her smouldering sex bomb look that might involve having a nose job or Botox injections; but how does she do it?

Here are a few tips and ideas to help you steal Megan Fox’s make-up look for yourself:

Sometimes all you need is a pair of fake eyelashes. Whether you pile on lashings of mascara or use a pair of false eyelashes, sometimes glamorous eyes are all you need to create a stunning night-time look. This is one of Megan’s favourite looks, where apart from a slick of lip gloss, she lets her baby blues do all the talking.

Definition is everything. Megan is hardly ever seen in smudgy kohl make-up or roughly stained lips – her make-up look is very neat, with cosmetics used to define her features very carefully. Eyebrows have not a hair out of place, lip colour is very precise and even her blush is used in exactly the right spots to bring out the lines of her cheekbones.

Fuss-free hair. Megan Fox hardly ever goes in for elaborate hair styles with lots of detail. Instead, she seems to prefer a fuss-free look which is always pretty but never overdone, from flowing beachy waves to a simple, slicked-back ponytail.

Glossy lips are a must. When she’s not rocking a Jessica Rabbit look with vampy red lipstick and curves that send women rushing to breast enhancement clinics in their thousands, the actress loves to keep things simple yet luscious with a pink glossy lip. Teamed with bronzy eyeshadow and peachy cheeks, the look is glossy, glowing and super glamorous.

Megan Fox with red lips

Emphasise those brows. One of the most noticeable things about Megan’s beauty look is her well-defined and fairly prominent brows. These perfectly shaped beauties, with their face-flattering, eye-opening arches and subtly filled-in shape, are what give Megan her glamour. So, if you have a strong brow, don’t be afraid to show it off – just remember to keep everything neat and perfectly groomed.

Perfect that over-the-shoulder pose. Now that you’ve pinched pretty much all of Megan Fox’s make-up secrets, you can now start practising your best smouldering Megan Fox pose. She loves a seductive over-the-shoulder glance, but you might need to put the hours in to copy it spot-on.

Bella Franklin is a style and beauty writer, offering advice and tips to help achieve the latest trends and looks. If you want to catch up with Bella to ask for tips or to even ask advice on the latest cosmetic surgery treatments such as breast enhancements, you can find her on Twitter at @cosmetic_bella

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  1. love this! megan fox is beautiful xx

  2. She's gorgeous. Love these tips!

  3. i love how megan's looks are always so natural. it is beautiful.

    - Janine


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