Friday, 28 June 2013

June Biggest Pixi3 advertiser

This months Biggest Pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Shang from The Feminine Crusade.  She's been featured in iFabbo's top 50 international bloggers to watch and guest blogged over at LookFantastic.

June has seen Shang review makeup like the MUA Undressed palette, the Benefit Dandylion lip gloss, MAC's Please me and an Illamasqua haul amongst other goodies :)  Aside from that, she's also written some skincare posts and a sunglasses wishlist post to name but a few.

Shang really does have a beautiful blog that's so elegantly designed, I'm such a fan of teal it had to be a winner for me :)  Other than her button on the side here, here's everywhere you can find her and her lovely blog :)  Why don't you head over and a read :)

This months Bigest-Pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Shang from The Feminine Crusade

Written by Georgina Kent

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