Tuesday, 25 June 2013

My favourite nail polish

Purple may be my favourite colour, and OPI's Suzi & the 7 dussledorfs my ultimate colour, but for quality, it simply doesn't get better than this.  So much so, this is the second blog post I've written about this polish - you can read my first post here - funnily enough, I photographed it on the same patterned paper, random!

** Favourite combination **

My Thoughts

The colour - is it pink, is it red? Who knows!  In the bottle it's the hottest pink you've laid your eyes on, but on the nail, it's like a bright red.  Team it with the Max Factor fantasy fire and the red is deeper with a beautiful deep glitter.  Cherries in the snow isn't just a lovely colour, but I'm a little in love with the name, it perfectly describes the colour :)

Pigmentation - I've seriously never experienced anything like it - one coat is all you need, ONE COAT!  For a colour like this to only need one coat is pretty insane.  But that's literally all it takes.  I apply it with the OPI base coat, and the Essie 60 second top coat, and boom it's done.

Lasting power - if you're nails aren't completely weak this will last around 6-7 days without chipping, at least, it does on me.  Revlon nail enamels have the lasting power, pigmentation and extraordinary colour of high end polishes and then some, but the price tag of a drugstore polish.

Ladies (and Gents!) it doesn't get any better than this.  I've been using it since about October-ish last year and constantly go back to it as a favourite.  Sadly this particular shade, I believe, is discontinued or at least seasonal, so keep your eyes peeled when winter rolls by so you don't miss this little beauty.

Have you tried Revlon nail enamels before? What's your favourite shade?

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. Gorgeous colour! I love it :)


  2. This is such a pretty colour - and such a big bottle! I have a tangerine colour from Revlon and that too has great pigmentation.


  3. Oooh I actually have the lipstick version of this nail polish and love it! I should give the polish a go:) xx

  4. I am a HUGE fan of Revlon nail polishes! I am always so surprised by their quality and they seem to last so much longer than my high end polishes!

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  5. Beautiful! It's so hard for me to pic my favorite nail polish!

  6. This looks awesome! I'll have to check out the Revlon polishes soon! I found you through the BBU Blog Hop and decided to follow. Great blog! Check mine out?


  7. That colour is gorgeous. I really really like it. Hope you are having a good week. Love Laura xx ❤ Scottish Lass ❤

  8. Revlon has some great nail polishes!

    - Janine

  9. I love Revlon nail polishes!
    The colour here is beautiful! :)

    Natasha Carly x
    Pretty Little Lives


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