Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Azature nail polish

Cast your mind back to a couple of years ago when a nail varnish was released that costs £160,000 and  contains 267 carats of black diamonds.  The lid of the bottle was hand made out of platinum and the top encrusted in more black diamonds.  On the back of that, Azature have since released a range of nail polishes priced at £17* each, every polish contains 1 black diamond.  Here in the UK you can pick these up in Selfridges, and on Selfridges online.

Azature nail polish in Blue Diamond* £17 

Azature nail polish in Canary Diamond* £17

As you can see, the yellow is slightly sheer in that you can see my nail tips under two coats of the polish, but that's only from certain angles.  When they dry they feel really smooth, not like a typical glitter polish and aren't quite as difficult to remove as typical glitter polishes either.  The blue one was a little more gloopy than your standard polish but perfectly good to work with.  I used two coats and had great coverage.

As for how well they last - if you have strong and not bendy nails, you're likely to get a good 3-4 days out of them with a good top coat.  However, if you have weak nails it's more likely to be a 1 day, in which case I'd say save it for a special night out and use it then or for special events.  They really are beautiful, in fact, stunning polishes.  The blue one is my favourite, I was a bit scared of the yellow but it actually looks really nice on, not as scary as it looks in the bottle.

Despite the price tag and them not lasting amazingly I would actually buy more based on how beautiful and unusual they are.  The Champagne Diamond shade looks simply stunning - that may well be a purchase for me when I head to London at the end of the month :)

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. These are so beauitful, shame they don't last very well. I love the design of the bottles :)

    Water Painted Dreams

  2. They are nice, would I buy one? Not sure. Champagne diamond sounds more up my street - I think the nudes and classier shades will suit this concept better. Leave the glitter to Models Own and Nails Inc!

    Simply Woman Magazine

  3. These do look really nice, however I'm not sure I could justify spending £17 on a nail polish when I get bored of my nail polish so easily and change it up constantly. They look lovely on your nails though!

    - Rhi x

  4. That's a really interesting packaging. And the colors look really good.

    The Caribbean Flower

  5. I love the blue diamond colour - have you found the black diamond in them yet lol.xx

  6. Ooh I haven't seen anyone post on these polishes and I've wondered for ages what they are like in terms if formula etc!:)great post!


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