Saturday, 6 July 2013

My Saturday cleanse

I don't know about you, but I really look forward to my Saturday morning shower.  I'm not in a rush like I am any other day of the week and I use the time to have a good cleanse and wash the stressed of the week away.  I don't use an excessive amount of products, but here's a look at what I use, and why :)

Clarifying my hair

At the end of a week of using Pantene on my hair, I like to use the Naked shampoo and conditioner (I use the one for coloured hair) to remove the build up of products & silicone and strip my hair back to it's natural form.

Adding moisture

After I've used the Naked shampoo and conditioner, my hair can feel a little dry if I leave it at that, so I delve into the luxurious Macadamia deep repair masque, working it all through my hair, I leave it in for about 10 minutes, and rinse it off when I've finished washing.

Cleanse & polish

As it's a Saturday and a bit of a pampering, I opt for my best shower gel :)  I adore my Korres Vanilla and cinnamon shower gel, it's not too overpowering but leaves you with a lovely sweet subtle scent and nicely hydrated & clean skin.  After washing with that, I use a body scrub, now, until today (I just ran out!) I would have used my Soap & Glory sugar crush body scrub, but that's gone for the moment (until I replace it), so now I'm using up my grapefruit body scrub from The Body Shop, this smells amazing!  If you can't tell, I like really fresh zingy scents for scrubs, it's what I'm going to get out of the shower smelling of, and I usually shower in the morning, so it's a great wake-up scent.


Once I'm out of the shower and dried off, I use my Korres fig body butter.  I wouldn't really call it a butter as it doesn't have that buttery melting consistency, but it does absorb well and feel amazing :)  The scent is delicate and sweet, so it won't overpower the lime or grapefruit of the body scrub, but just mute it slightly and add a little warmth.

Smooth and protect the hair

Finally, before drying my hair I use 2 pumps of the Paul Mitchell smoothing balm, I had this in a beauty box a while ago and really like it, I'm not sure I'd replace it as I have so many little samples like this to go through from various beauty boxes, but it does help calm my hair and frizz without making it greasy or feeling weighed down.

So that's my Saturday cleansing ritual - the products change now and then as things run out and I try new things, but this gives you an idea of my little Saturday morning routine :)

What products do you use for your pampering or cleansing each week?

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. I love Naked products :) the detox shampoo is really good for build up :)

    Danniella Josephine xxx

  2. I love the grapefruit range from The Body Shop!

  3. Love the Macadamia Deep Repair Masque, it worked wonders on my hair. Really need to purchase the full size. Raspberrykiss xo

  4. I never use a hair mask, but I really think I should! Ill use a purple toning shampoo or a clarifying shampoo depending on what I feel my hair needs. I love using body scrub, I'm using Soap and Glory Scrub Actually at the moment xx

  5. I haven't tried that hair mask but I really need to! Everybody raves about it. I love using a really good scrub on pamper days and my favourite is the Flake Away scrub from Soap and Glory. I love how the scent lingers :)


  6. I have not tried any of those products but it looks like I may just need to!

  7. I do the same thing, but on sunday night, really think it helps me sleep well to star the week better.

    Love your blog!!

  8. I really want to try some of these products!


  9. I love this! I always use sundays to pamper myself and use all my high end products. x

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower

  10. lovely post!
    - Janine

  11. Really want to try some Korres products, they have some amazing sounding scents x

    Amy /

  12. These products look lush! especially the naked range..



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