Sunday, 7 July 2013

Neve mineral pressed powder foundation

A little while ago the lovely people over at Cocktail Cosmetics sent me a couple of products to try out and review, one of the products they sent me was a powder foundation by Neve.  I'm a big fan of Neve, I love that their products are natural and cruelty free, and free of nasty things like parabens, petroleum and silicone.

On the left, me without makeup, in the middle me having the Neve mineral powder foundation over one side of my face, and on the right, me with it all over my face and my makeup complete.  And here are all the products I used to create this look.

As you can see from the left pic of me, I have a much redder face than my neck/decollate.  Too many people make the mistake of matching their foundation to the colour of their face, or the back of their hand (hands tend to tan the most (and the face) as they're usually exposed to the elements and not protected by sun block as much).  If you want your foundation to be the perfect shade, match it to your neck and chest, then you can add colour with bronzer and blusher, this way you you won't have any unsightly foundation lines :)

The shade I picked was 'Fair / Neutral' since I'm pretty much alabaster pale most of the year round.  Seeing as it's summer, I have tanned a little from spending a couple of days outdoors without sun block *slaps wrists* which means I've found an extra use for this.

The first and main use is it as a normal foundation.  The coverage is really good, it covered most of my redness and helped to even out my skin tone. It left a soft powdery finish, but didn't look cakey at all, which is what I was worried about.  It lasted really well throughout the day and didn't crease in any of my fine lines.  I did get a bit shiny as they day went on, but that's nothing new, I do every day with whatever I use, so that was expected.  A simply top up of the product, or another setting powder and you're good to go.  It was a pleasant surprise, especially as I really did pick the right colour off the site.

The secondary use, and probably what I'll use it most for is to alter the colour of other foundations.  What I'm wearing most at the moment is my Dior BB Cream, but the lady in the shop matched me to 02 which is too dark.  Then it dawned on me, instead of brushing my Maybelline Fit Me powder over my face after applying my foundation, I could just use this and it would give me extra coverage, alter the BB cream/foundation to be my actual shade and set it all.  It worked so well doing it this way, it's probably what I'll be using it for the most, but I'll definitely keep using it by itself too, it's a strong product that's cruelty free and for a reasonable price.

Where: Cocktail Cosmetics
How much: £12.95
Would I replace: Yes

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Written by Georgina Kent


  1. I can't believe how cheap this is! I need to check out Neve pronto! The coverage looks fantastic xx

  2. Oh this sounds really nice. I'm not one for liquid foundations so I'll look into this, I bet the powder would feel a lot fresher. I've never heard of Neve before but they sound like an awesome brand :)
    Water Painted Dreams

  3. such a great post! thanks for sharing it !

  4. Looks like a fantastic powder! Great post :)

  5. That's a really great coverage! It also looks super natural on the skin. Very pretty!

    Zoe // The Caribbean Flower


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