Saturday, 31 August 2013

Mid week haul & first impressions

A photo of all the products I bought
** Excuse the lighting, this picture was taken at night, so lots of artificial light going on here! **

You know those days where you just want to go into Superdrug and buy stuff?  You have no real idea what you want to buy, maybe there's one thing you know you want, but you just shop around?  Yeah, I had one of those days on Thursday.  I popped into Superdrug as I really wanted to dry that new Maybelline brow mascara stuff, and from there just wandered around looking at all the new stuff (by 'wandered around' I mean 'guided around by the staff who know me, showing me all the new stuff').  I'm sure Superdrug see them as awesome sales staff, personally, they're enablers :P 

So, on to the purchases!  Two of these were actually purchased when I did my online shopping with Ocado (the cotton pads & makeup remover), I'll come on to them in a bit.

Maybelline BrowDrama
Photo of the Maybelline browdrama - very strange wand

Described as a sculpting brow mascara.  You get 7.6ml of product and a very strange brush!  I have the shade dark brown.  I've only tried it once, so it really is a first impression, but it seems decent enough.  I did feel I still needed to fill in my brows with my HD Brow palette* as they're so thin, but it did give colour to some of the downy hairs around my brows and help the normal brow hairs stand out a bit more, as well as give them shape that held.  I'm looking forward to trying this more, watch this space!
£4.99, and although I bought mine in Superdrug, it's not on their site yet, so here's the link to Boots

Bourjois Java Rice illuminating powder
Picture of the Bourjois java rice illuminating powder, very pretty!

This is pretty special stuff.  The packaging is beautiful, not something I think I'll ever throw away, and there's practically no makeup I think that about.  This is a foundation setting powder, that has a sheen/glitter to it, and smells amazing.  When you swatch it on your hand, you can really see the shimmer, but when you apply it to your face it's a very delicate shimmer that isn't noticable.  You can concentrate it to your cheekbones for the most delicate highlight, but that's not really where it's effective.  It's very very finely milled, and again, smells so lovely.  I really did see a difference in how radiant my skin looked, I'm really looking forward to trying this more.
£9.99 - I purchased it as part of a buy 1 Bourjois product, get second half price.

Bourjois Bronzing primer
Picture of Bourjois bronzing primer (looks like a poo!)
** I hate how much like a poo this looks, luckily it doesn't smell like one **

I know I'm late to the bandwagon on this one, but the first review I read of it was Tattooed Tea Lady's, and she hated it, but then I read The Black Pearl Blog, and she loved it.  So I was torn.  Especially as it's a small tub and costs £9.99.  But because of the offer mentioned above, I picked it up :)  This smells lovely by the way!  I used it today, I applied it with my Sigma F40 brush and used it to contour.  It created a lovely glow, and in my opinion, a more natural looking glow than powder as it's a cream based product.  It didn't look orange either, it looked really pretty.  Looking forward to using this more, review incoming in the next few weeks :)
£9.99 in Superdrug as part of the buy 1 Bourjois product, get second half price.

Revlon Nearly naked powder
Picture of an open revlon nearly naked powder

Oh boy did I hesitate buying this.  I'm really not a fan of the nearly naked foundation, but despite hearing mixed reviews of that, I'd heard very good reviews of the powder.  On swatching it in store it felt soft, finely milled and gave a lovely soft matte finish to the back of my hand, which did have a very oily swatch of a not very nice foundation on it.  I didn't use it today, as I used the Bourjois Java rice illuminating powder instead, so there's no first impressions review with this one I'm afraid, you'll just have to keep your eyes peeled for the review instead :)
£7.99, I have the shade 010 Fair

Ocado haul - cotton pads & makeup remover
Picture of Waitrose Pure eye makeup remover

Picture of face cotton pads

This isn't very glamours but necessary!  I wanted to do a bit of a spending ban in September (I don't think that's going to work out one little bit!) so in preparation for my Bioderma running out, I stupidly thought I could replace it with Waitrose pure eye makeup remover (I know, very silly moment that was). The cheap cheap price should have been a warning sign... it took my makeup off well, but left any part of my face it touched feeling sticky.  I had to go and wash my face with a cleanser afterwards, just so it felt normal.  I'm not a fan, but I don't want to waste it so I'll continue to use it for my eyes only and hope I get through it quickly.  The cotton pads I bought were also on Ocado and they're by Irish Breeze, I of course had to opt for those being half Irish ;)  They're fine, pretty thin but with a textured side, and they're in a zip-lock bag, which I like.

Just as a random photo to finish off - I seem to have compiled my makeup into one half of a Birchbox at the moment with products I'm trying to use more, either make myself like or finish off or just try because I need to review them :)  Seems silly when I have boxes right next to me where it's all organised (box for eye shadows, box for lipsticks etc) to have a box with a mishmash but hey ho, it's working for me at the moment :)

Current makeup in a box

P.S. I don't think I've ever talked so much about a haul!

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  1. The Bourjois powder sounds lovely, looking forward to hearing a full review of that. The Bronzing Primer sounds really interesting too - I've heard mixed reviews as well!

    Jess xo

    1. Thanks for commenting Jess :) The powder is lovely, I'm a big fan already :)

  2. LOL The bronzer DOES look like something I don't want to put on my face, but I'm glad it ended up working! lol

    1. haha yeah I know - it smells lovely though and blends in really nicely :)

  3. I really like my Nearly Naked Foundation and powder. I hope you turn out to like your powder. Great haulage xx

    1. Thanks Keshia :) Yeah the foundation just didn't work for me, did not look good on my skin :S Ah well lets see what the powder is like :)

  4. I was looking at the Bourjois powder today; I really want it! Wish I'd bought it! x

    1. You really should have, its so so pretty on the skin - you can hardly notice the glitter when it's dusted over your makeup, but every now and then you'll catch a tiny piece when you look closely, and it smells amazing!

  5. I really want to try that powder from Bourjois. It sounds so lovely. And you're right, the packaging is amazing.
    Water Painted Dreams

    1. It's amazing! I just hope they add it to the permanent collection, I'll love to be able to repurchase it when mine is gone :) I don't think they will though :(

  6. I've been dying try the revlon powder


    1. I haven't tried it yet, but it looked good in the swatch :)

  7. I find having things i want to use up/try for review/etc all on their own in a box really helpful too! I always forget about them if not x

    1. Yeah it really helps me focus on what I need to use up :)

  8. Helpful staff at a Superdrug?! The ones at my local store are completely unhelpful (& sometimes just mean)!

  9. Great post! The bronzing primer is on my wish list!


  10. i want to try these!


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