Saturday, 21 September 2013

A fairly thrifty haul

A thrifty haul

Happy Saturday everyone! I don't know what the weather is like where you are, but it's miserable here in Cardiff, there's a misty rain everywhere, you know, the kind that soaks right through even though you don't feel like you're getting rained on?  

This week I did what I felt was a fairly thrifty haul, spending a total of £10.50 and for that getting quite a lot of great things, here's how I did it.

Four of the MUA matte lipsticks

The MUA Ever After matte palette
Swatches of 4 of the MUA matte lipsticks

Swatches of the MUA ever after matte palette

MUA doesn't really need an introduction, a very cheap high street brand who make some really good quality makeup.  At the moment, they really seem to be knocking it out of the park, they've just released a range of matte makeup (lipsticks and eye shadows), and coming late in October is their sub-brand MUA Lux which showcases matte liquid lipsticks like the Lime Crime Velvetines and other interesting looking products at the MUA prices.

This was the least thrifty of my shop as I actually had to hand over money to pay for these, but not very much.  The palette (Ever After - matte palette) was £4, each lipstick was £1 and I think P&P was £2.50, making it a total of £10.50 for 4 matte lipsticks and a matte 10 eye shadow palette - not bad if you ask me!

I haven't worn these yet so I can't comment on what they're like on the face, but on first swatching, the lipsticks seem nice, fairly sheer, not sure how matte they'll be on the lips but I'll only really know once I wear them - the red interests me the most, it seemed to have the best pigmentation.  As for the shadows, to get those swatches I had to go back to each pan for more product about 3-4 times, so they're quite light apart from the dark shades which didn't require that much going back and forth.  The dark shades are really quite pigmented - again, we'll only really know when they're on the lids just how they perform.

The dior BB eye cream
A swatch on the back of my hand of the Dior BB eye cream

After seeing Estee rave about this and knowing my love of the Dior BB cream I was really keen to try it out.  Then last weekend I was sorting through all my makeup and found a sachet from a magazine I'd put in a bag of the BB eye cream, so I tried it out - there was enough there for 1 weeks usage and I loved it.  It's the first eye cream with coverage or concealer etc that hasn't creased on me at all, which isn't surprising as the BB cream doesn't either.  So with £50 of points saved up on my advantage card, I headed into boots and picked it up in shade 01 (it photographs darker than it is) for £29 of points, but seeing as they're points, I didn't have to hand over any of my own money, so the price was really £free. Thanks Boots :P  I absolutely adore this - I feel that with the Dior BB cream collection (eye and face) I won't be able to find a product that will out perform it, they're just perfect for my skin and absolutely holy grail items that I can't imagine living without now I have them.

Two bottles of Bioderma sensibo H2Omicellar water

For my birthday back in April my mother-in-law bought me two big bottles of Bioderma and I'm just coming to the end of the 2nd one.  Roll back to the beginning of the year and Birchbox landed on UK shores, I signed up straight away and have been enjoying them since.  One of the perks of having a Birchbox is that each month you earn points (for spending money, completing reviews, referring friends).  Well, I'd totalled up just over £20 and was waiting for something to come along to spend my points on.  Then this month's September box landed and had Bioderma in it, perfect!  If you buy a product on their store from the current box, there's no delivery charge either, so I bought myself 2 bottles of Bioderma (£9.99 each) absolutely free!  

So in all in all I bought two bottles of Bioderma, the Dior BB eye cream, and an MUA haul and all together in actual money it cost me £10.50 - that's a bargain if I do say so myself :)

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  1. I'm really tempted by the matte palette as It's always difficult to find a good palette of them. I think the swatches look ok although I'm interested to see how it fares on the eye!

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

    1. Yeah I'm looking forward to trying it :) We'll see how it compares with the UD Naked basics palette :)

  2. I love MUA products, they are such good value for money x

    1. Yeah - I think they can be a little hit and miss, but for the most part like you said, they're really good value for money :)

  3. A spend on your points is just the best feeling ever. I hoard most of my Boots points until the Xmas sales. Even better now you can pay with points online.

    Karen x

  4. Really well prized haul. The lipsticks are really cheap, I hope they wear well, I might consider buying some myself if they do. I hear a lot of positive reviews about MUA but haven't actually bought much of their products before, I think I'm missing out though!


    1. I think most of their lipsticks are good and eye shadow palettes, to be fair their nail varnishes are good too (not a good brush on them though).

  5. Those MUA lipsticks look lovely, I really like the wild berry shade so hope I see them in Superdrug soon!? x

    1. Yeah not sure if they'll be in Superdrug or just online, but the berry one is a pretty colour, good for Autumn :)

  6. Well done you! I wish I could be that thrifty. Although today I managed to get a huge sample of the Dior Nude BB cream. Yay!!!


  7. I love this post, what an amazing haul! Teach me your ways hahaha. I end up having about £10 worth of points and spending them straight away. I'm a hopeless saver.


    1. hehe thanks :P I used to do that with points, but now that you need to have enough points to cover the whole purchase I can save them up - I remember back in the day when you could just put it towards a purchase, but you could only spend them on certain things in store.

  8. Great bargains there! I'm off to do a little MUA shopping soon :)

    Lisa x

  9. Thrifty but niiiice. I've never seen MUA lipsticks in action before but they look nice, especially Scarlet Siren


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