Friday, 13 September 2013

Desk essentials

A collection of hand & lip products for the desk

Over the course of the last year there's one thing that's been a staple during my day, and that's my little collection of skincare products on my desk at work.  So I thought I'd take a few minutes to share with you what I use and why.  ** excuse the background clutter in the photo **

Korres lip butter in Jasmine
Being in an air conditioned office means it's not the kindest to skin.  The Korres lip butter is my favourite lip balm at the moment, it adds a hint of colour (a white/light colour at that) and really hydrates my lips without me needing to constantly reapply it.  It's full of good ingredients and smells so so good!

Crabtree & Evelyn hand creme in Citroen
I make sure during the day that my hands are well moisturised.  My hands get so dry during the day I have to make sure I have plenty of lotion on hand (see what I did there!).  This is one product I tend to get through quite a lot of for that reason.  They're not always the same brands, but this is what's on my desk right now.

Galenco SOS lip balm
This is my second favourite lip balm and there's not a lot left of it now.  It has a lovely pearlescent finish that gives the lips a lovely subtle sparkle.  It's not as glossy as the Korres balm but still does a really good job of hydrating my lips and stops them from becoming chapped.  The only problem with this, is I think it's Italian and not sold here in the UK - it was in a Jolie Box last year and I've failed to track it down online.  All I can say is, if you're ever in Italy and you see it, buy it!

Soap & Glory hand food
This is another saviour.  This is my 3rd bottle of it and the biggest one I've had.  This was actually in my Best of All kit I bought just before Christmas last year, so it's nearly a year old now.  It's been sitting in my bedroom by the side of the bed all this time and not really being used, so I thought I'd bring it in to work to replace my last bottle (which will be in my next empties post).  It smells amazing, it's their signature Soap & Glory scent, and does a pretty good job of moisturising my hands.  I'm always keen to make sure I keep my hands as well looked after as possible as they're the first place to show signs of aging.

Body Shop Satsuma hand cleansing gel
This is probably my favourite anti-bac I've ever used.  I've used the Soap & Glory one before, which was lovely, but this smells so much more amazing.  It's fresh and zingy without having an over-the-top alcohol scent.  It helps freshen up my hands and make them smell amazing.  I probably use this about twice a day for when my hands feel like they need refreshing. 

So they're my current desk essentials, I might come back and re-do this post every few months to see what I'm currently using as it changes all the time, if you'd like to see that just let me know in a comment below (but I might just do it anyway) :)

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  1. the only thing i have used out of them is the hand cream and i love love love it :)

  2. I really enjoyed this post !!! Thanks for writing it :) I think for me I need a hand sanitizer and hand cream

  3. :) I always love seeing what people have on their desk! haha I always hear such great things about the Soap & Glory Hand Food.

  4. I LOVE this post!!

    I always have hand food and Nivea's lip butter in raspberry rose!



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