Saturday, 7 September 2013

Events #1 The White Company Cardiff & Benefit

So Wednesday this week saw me and a bunch of other Cardiff bloggers attend two events in one night, how exciting!  Firstly was The White Company who have just launched their first shop in Wales which is in the St Davids 2 centre in Cardiff, then we headed off to a sneak preview event with the Benebabes from Boots Cardiff where they were showing off their new blusher called Rockateur.  

The White Company
They're relatively new as far as companies go, they started up in 1993 (shockingly, I was just about a teenager back then!) and specialise in quality designer goods, all fitting a 'white' theme.  The shop in Cardiff is very elegant and peppered with beautiful clothes, candles, scents, linen, childrens clothes and bits & pieces for the kitchen.  Here's some pictures from the event.

 ** The 'nose' that worked on these scents, also works on Jo Malone **

 ** Three lovely blogger ladies L-R Charli..., Ella and Leanne **

 ** Pretty Autumnal leaves **

 ** I bought this candle, it smells like Christmas, amazing! £20 though... **

 ** Cute kiddy PJ's, especially for parents who are rugby fans **

 ** A box of cute bunnies **

 ** Charli... adoring the little elephant kiddys jumper **

 ** Charli... holding the little bootys that were so so so cute! **

** Serenaded by a string quartet **

Benefit Rockateur
You may or may not know, Benefit have launched a new box blusher called Rockateur - it's a dusky pink/rose gold blush with a slight purply shimmer.  It also smells really really good!  You can apply it by itself, or layer it on top of another blusher - they demonstrated it by layering it on top of Cha Cha tint - personally, I like it by itself (I bought it yesterday!) - it's buildable to a deeper shade, but just putting a 'normal' amount on gives a beautiful subtle glow that's not over the top.  It also has a slightly different brush with it - it has a tapered end which helps pick up the blusher better and distribute it more evenly on the cheeks.  Here are my pictures from the event, and a couple of the product I took last night.

So that's what kept me busy this week, keep your eyes peeled for the announcement of my giveaway winner which will be coming very very soon, as well as a very exciting announcement to go with that :D

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend :)  Do feel free to leave a comment letting me know what you're busy doing this weekend :)

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  1. Replies
    1. Yeah our chat on the bench was great - might have been the highlight of the evening :P

  2. That is absolutely beautiful! Both events seemed incredible. I'm glad you got to attend both. That grand opening was super cute :)

  3. The Benefit event looked like a lot of fun, im excited to try the blush. It looks gorgeous!x

  4. I'm burning the Winter candle now and it's so beautiful but that store is going to be the end of my bank balance!

  5. It looks so lovely in that White Company shop - what a great opportunity to attend two events! :)

  6. Wonderful pictures, I used to live in Pontypridd.. so this takes me back to my Welsh days :)


  7. Gorgeous pictures and lovely blog ... I live near Abergavenny. Where or if does Cardiff sell Nyx products? I see on the site they do, just wonder if there is a telephone number. I have just started beauty blogging and any help and tips would be gladly received. I will make sure to kee up with your updates xxx


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