Sunday, 1 September 2013

Recent empties

A picture of recent empties including Bioderma & Aveeno
 ** My empties **

A picture of three empty shower gel bottles (right guard x 2 and imperial leather)
** Mine and hubby empties **

Like many beauty bloggers I tend not to go through products that quickly as I have a rather substantial collection, so I don't do empties posts every month as there may only be 1 or no products to show you. It has been a couple of months since I've done one of these and have saved up a few products.

My empties
Bioderma - this really is an amazing product, and I've just realised I haven't actually written a review of it on here, ah well!  I haven't tried other micellar waters, so I don't have anything to compare it to, all I know is I love it, I'm over half way through my second bottle, and will be replacing it.  It's just such a lovely product, it takes my makeup off really well and doesn't sting my eyes.

Pantene conditioner for coloured hair - this has taken me a while to finish, mostly because I didn't like it, and because it's a massive bottle.  I say I didn't like it, that's a bit harsh, it just didn't make my hair feel great.  It did the job, not amazingly though.  I'm not really a fan of big bottles of shampoo, I like to change things up more often than that and I couldn't do that with this.  If you're wondering why I bought such a big bottle when I'm not a fan, my lovely hubby picked them up for me when he was shopping :)

Aveeno hand cream - I have such mixed feelings about this (reviewed it here), it did the job well, absorbed well, gave my hands a soft matte velvety finish, but I just didn't like the smell of it.  It's supposed to be an oatmeal scent but it didn't really smell of oatmeal, so I ended up trying to get through this quickly so I could move on to something that smells a little nicer.  At the moment it's a small bottle of something that was in my Birchbox a couple of months ago, a tea scented one (not keen on that either!), after that (which is nearly finished), I'll take my Soap & Glory hand food into work, it's a big bottle so the only change I have of finishing it is having it on my desk.

Elemis exotic frangipani monoi shower cream - that's a mouthful!  This was in the goody bags we put together for the Cardiff blogger meetup we organised a few months ago (April I think), and it's only recently I got around to actually trying it.  This was a really lovely product, it left my skin feeling lovely and soft, the scent was amazing, a sweet scent but not overly sweet.  It also built up a soft gentle lather. I haven't tried anything else from the frangipani monoi range, but I am dying to try their salt glow, it looks amazing and I bet it smells as good too :)

FoM bio active body polish balm - that's what the little empty tub is :)  They sent me a product to review (review incoming soon!) and they also sent me a little sample of this.  Body polishes are something I'm really into right now, so this was a welcomed treat.  There was enough there for one good use.  The scent was that 'organic & natural' scent if you know what I mean?  Very nice.  The texture was quite rough, very similar to sand, probably a bit rough for my liking.  But it did lather up a little (I don't expect much lather from a body polish) and leave my skin feeling very soft.  It left an almost oily residue on my skin which very quickly absorbed.

Mine and hubby empties
I'm not going to say much about the Right Guard shower gels as I never used them - all I know is, hubby really likes them, he's been re-purchasing them for a couple of years, although last time we went shopping I did talk him into trying the Original Source lemon & lime shower gel, he's liking that at the moment too :)  I think he's like me, we like fresh citrus scents for showering in the morning (which is when we typically do).  I tend to opt for lime as my main morning shower scent, really great at waking me up - that and grapefruit, mmmmm :)

What have you used up this month?

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  1. The Elemis sounds like a really lovely product, despite its tongue twisting name xx

    Lots of Love Beautyqueenuk!

  2. I've heard Pantene shampoos and conditioners can strip the colour out of hair so I think it's good you've finished it! Tresemmé are also a nightmare for stripping colour x

  3. Bioderma is just so so good! :)

  4. The Elemis shower cream sounds lovely!x

  5. Aveeno creams are so great! I have one and it's my definite fave!

    The Caribbean Flower


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