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products from theBalm

Up until a month or so ago, I was a complete theBalm virgin.  Lots and lots of their products have I pined after, but never did I own any, until now.

Cabanaboy blusher

shady lady eye shadow

plump by pucker lipgloss
** Excuse the hideous closeup of my large pores **

Cabanaboy | £13*
This has to be my favourite of the three products, especially as we move into Autumn, I find myself reaching for the deeper berry shades on the cheeks, but of course, still careful not to apply too much of it :)  It's really well pigmented and only requires about 3-4 dabs of my real techniques blusher brush to pick up enough to do a cheek.  It's not crazily soft either, which is something I don't like as it makes it way to easy to pick up too much product, with this it's nicely firm.  You get a good amount of product for your money too, 8.5g, which compared to Benefits' new Rockateur (5g) is really good.  You've got to love the quirky packaging too which seals shut with a magnet, and has a decent sized mirror inside :) As is typical with theBalm this product is talc and paraben free.

Shady Lady eye shadow | £10* in 'Caught in the act Courtney'
This single eyeshadow is a deep mocha brown with a brown/coppery shimmer.  In the photo I've used it on the outer half of my eyelid.  I really like the leopard print packaging, very cute!  And just like the blusher, it seals shut with a magnet and has a good sized mirror inside.  Pigmentation is great, it was really quick and easy for me to build up to the level of brown you can see in the picture.  It blended really well, although I would describe it as a dry formula as opposed to some shadows which can be quite creamy (like a lot of Urban Decay ones can be).  

The shadow stayed in place all day and all night without fading, looking pretty much just as lovely at the night end when I was taking my makeup off. This would be a beautiful colour by itself, or worked through the crease and outer V - or like I did, on the outer half of your eye to darken and smoke it. You get 3.4g of product which is a lot when you compare it to an Urban Decay single shadow (1.5g).

Plump your Pucker | £9.50* in 'Cherry Cola'
First off can I just say, this smells exactly like cherry cola, which is my favourite fizzy drink!  The colour is like a dusky pink with quite a lot of shimmer in it (goldy shimmer).  It's well pigmented but not over the top, I was actually wearing a very thin layer of it as I don't like wearing too much lipgloss, otherwise it can gather in the corners of your mouth, and that's not a good look for anyone!  Durability was really good, it would last me about 4-5 hours before I felt I needed to reapply.  Also, seeing as it's a 'plumping' lip gloss, there is the obligatory tingling sensation that accompanies wearing it just as you'd expect.  Plump your pucker was a pleasant surprise and one I'd like to try some other, lighter shades of.

All in all my first experience of theBalm did not disappoint, I loved the products I tried and the blusher really was the highlight of the three for me.  It's what I found myself reaching for again and again, and will still reach for.  Now what I have my beady eyes on is the Nude Tude palette and the BalmJovi palette, they both look awesome!

What's your favourite theBalm product?

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  1. These sound great, i love that they smell yummy too!

    Liza | Glambeautys | YouTube

  2. I'm not really a gloss person but the lip gloss smells amazing!

    Water Painted Dreams

  3. I've always loved all of theBalm's makeup and they have the best packaging. I love the look of Cabanna Boy, such a great colour for Autumn.

    - Rhi | Beauty Bucket List

  4. The gloss almost looks like second skin. lovely!

    Beauty By Telie

  5. You pierced your lip, I am sure you didn't have that in the meet up? hmmm maybe I am confused. Anway I am desperate to try this brand I really like the look of their highlighter and blushers !

    1. Well... funny story :P For the last 13 years I've had my lip pierced, took it out about 6 months ago (body rejected it randomly!) and I really missed it, so just over a week ago I had it re-pierced :P

  6. These look amazing and the fact that they smell awesome its really catching my attention, will have to add to my wish list :)

    Thanks for sharing love :)

  7. I want Cabanaboy sooooo bad! Perfect for Fall :)

    Eyeshadow Addicts Anonymous

  8. I hadn't heard of theBalm before but I love the blusher. It's a little pricey for me but I may just have to be cheeky and invest in it!


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