Monday, 28 October 2013

My weekly food shop

waitrose website

Back last October I wrote a post all about my weekly shop with Ocado - I spent a few hundred words raving about how awesome they were, but after a while, things went stale.  Entire carrier bags of food would have to be sent back as they'd smashed something over all the produce, they'd turn up too early (just as Chris was leaving the house to come and pick me up - meaning he'd be late to get me as the delivery that turned up 1 hr early delayed him leaving the house).  So we went back to shopping at Sainsburys each week.

waitrose soups - always offers on

Then a couple of months ago Chris' uni work got a bit crazy so I suggested shopping online again. We've tried all the big brands who all come with their own flavour of incompetence;
  • Asda - we'd get random carrier bags of other peoples shopping
  • Tesco - products would go off the same day, but not be discounted
  • Sainsburys - similar to Tesco + lots of substitutions
  • Ocado - service became poor
I figured it was time to try a new one, Waitrose.  I've always been a fan of Waitrose, when I was a kid I remember mum doing 'special' shops there when she wanted to get really nice food, and we've recently had one open up here in Cardiff.  I'd spotted a promotion online for the first 5 shops (£5 off the first shop & then £10, £15, £20 & £25 off the next shops).  It's free delivery if you spend £50 (which we do every week) and online they price match Tesco for a lot of brand products.

My first shop was great - they turned up on time, the delivery driver was really friendly and they brought the food into the kitchen and helped us unpack.

waitrose brand match

Now I'm about 8 shops/weeks in and I couldn't be happier.  The cost of my weekly shop is about £10 a week cheaper (without their discount codes), I used to spend about £85, now I spend £70-75 and I'm buying better quality food overall - the Waitrose own brand food is amazing and really fairly priced.

They do some great things like;
  • If they deliver food to you that goes off the next day, you get it free
  • If they substitute something for a more expensive product, you pay the original price
  • Plus, they do loads of offers too :)
I'm completely converted, I love the brand, the fact that you get to put some money towards a charity of the month every time you shop and the fact they're a cooperative - all the staff own the company :)

I thought I'd share this with you as so many people think they're really expensive, but if you shop online at least, they're really reasonably priced :)

If you're looking for someone new to try and you have a Waitrose in your town, I'd highly recommend them :)

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  1. Ohhh I always do my shopping online as I dont drive plus it's so much easier when your on a budget as you can see what your spending, I'm defo going to give Waitrose a go, with those discounts I could hardly resist haha.

  2. Oh, that's fab. I have to check if they deliver to my post code. Online shopping is great, if you are trying to watch your money. It also helps me with my weight loss, because I am not tempted to get any bad stuff :)

  3. I've been through this exact same scenario Georgina! Reading this post was like reading about my own experience. I too ended up using Waitrose. I got a one year delivery pass and like you I can't fault them. At the moment I go to the shops to do my shopping and much prefer to go to Waitrose. I get a free cappuccino and drink that whilst walking around. Ha ha. Xxx

  4. My sister uses asda online and I have no idea why - they are the worst for grocery deliveries (and clothing too - I only bought a few cheap summer dresses for the beach but they were just shoved in the delivery bag with none of the usual plastic wrap around it to keep it neat) I prefer shopping 'physically' but it's always good to know if I have a hectic week looming that there is at least one great supermarket delivery service. :)


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