Tuesday, 22 October 2013

October Birchbox

October Birchbox

A few days ago the October Birchbox landed on my doorstep.  For once, I hadn't Googled it to see what everyone had received, so it was a complete surprise.

Let me just say, this is an impressive box!  I won't mince my words, LAURA MERCIER!!!!  Yes, Laura Mercier was inside this box, more specifically, the tinted moisturiser.  This excited me a lot!  I haven't used it yet so I can't comment on whether I liked it or not.  Aside from that excitement inside was also a generous sample of the KMS California Silk Sheen styling creme.  Then we have the Dr Brandt microdermabrasion skin exfoliant.  I'm looking forward to seeing what that can do for my skin :)

Next is the Ultra Dex whitening toothpaste, I always quite like the toothpaste that comes in beauty boxes, it's much better than the perfume samples that you get in other boxes :)  Next up is theBalm Stainiac - a cheek and lip tint.  I'm really loving theBalm at the moment after recently discovering them, so I'm really excited to try this out.  Then we have the famous Dr Lipp nibble balm!  Slightly random, but it doubles up as a lip balm.  I've heard amazing things about this so I'm looking forward to trying it (on my lips that is!).

And finally, there are three sachets of Egyptian magic all purpose skin cream.  I have some pretty dry skin on my elbows so I might task this with tackling that!

All in all this is a great Birchbox, having Laura Mercier in there is fantastic and a real treat :)

This months Bigest-Pixi3 advertiser is the lovely Jess from Coffee Cosmetics



  1. This Birchbox is amazing, they've really upped their game lately! xxx

  2. That looks amazing! Lol I would be psyched if I literally just got the LM tinted moisturiser in there. I got put off beauty boxes after a bad experience with Glossy Box but it seems like these guys really know their stuff!


  3. I did not get a single one of those products in my box, if I had I might have decided to keep my subscription but im thinking im done with this company, ive given them six months and I havent found a single enjoyable product. Ugh so depressing!

    1. Have you thought about changing up your profile on Birchbox? I know unlike some other boxes the products you get are really influenced by the things you pick in your profile, might be worth changing them up :)

  4. Is this from Birchbox UK? Mine was impressive but not THIS impressive! You got Laura Mercier and Dr. Brandt!


    1. Yeah this is the UK box :) It's awesome isn't it :D

  5. Seeing this box makes me want to subscribe! I trained in KMS (a long time ago!) and always thought their products were good. Xxx

  6. This month's box looks amazing and I'm resisting the urge to order it! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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