Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Smooch cosmetics

Smooch products

A couple weeks ago a nice little parcel of Smooch cosmetics landed on my doormat, excited I ripped the jiffy bag open to see all the pretties inside.

I don't know if you know much about Smooch, but it was set up by Kitty in 2011 (it's still a baby!) to combine everyday makeup with luxury - she likened it to underwear, how you have your everyday lingerie, but also extra special lingerie for those special occasions.  Kitty wanted Smooch to be a combination of the two. 

Blusher from Smooch

Above - Smooch blusher on the cheeks in the shade Glamour Puss (£8.50*) - ignore my lashes here, they're not actually as clumped together as they look :P

liquid eyeliner, mascara and eyeshadow from Smooch

Above - Eyeshadow duo in Twilight (£9.50), Liquid eyeliner (£6.95) & Black Lash mascara (£8.95)

Eye products from Smooch

Smooch merlot on the lips
Above - Lipstick in the shade Merlot (£7.50)

Blusher - of all the products, this is definitely my favourite.  It's such a pretty colour, and pretty matte too.  It's the perfect shade for Autumn/Winter.  As for quality, it's really decent.  It blends well and is nicely pigmented - not over the top so you end up looking like a clown, but not sheer either.  This I've been reaching for a lot over the last few weeks, it's just so pretty!

Eyeshadow duo - this was probably my least favourite of the products.  The colours are beautiful, but a little glittery for my liking, the side effect of that is that there's quite a bit of fallout - so make sure you have a fan brush handy if you're using this.  You can see the pigmentation is good enough

Liquid eyeliner - this is a really decent liner.  It's easily comparable to my Collection fast stroke liner or my Chanel liquid liner - it sits somewhere between the two in terms of the finish you get with it (quite shiny).  It stays put all day and doesn't transfer onto my lid at all, so it's really durable and long wearing.

Mascara - this is pretty good - not phenomenal but not terrible either.  It gives nice lashes, quite full and with length, I think it's just the brush I'm not a big fan of, I'm not overly keen on big brushes, they just don't tend to work that well for me.  On the plus side, I didn't find that this flaked off at all or move, it was pretty long lasting.

Lipstick - what a pretty colour!  This lipstick is quite hydrating, it's not thick and dry like some lipsticks can be.  It lasts reasonably well and has quite a shiny/glossy finish.  It smells quite sweet too!  I really love the colour as well, that pinky red with a hint of sparkle really looks lovely on the lips.

On a sidenote about all these products, the packaging is really high quality, think NARS!  It's a lovely matte finish and doesn't feel cheap at all.  All the products are pretty long wearing and durable, the lipstick probably the least, but that's to be expected.

I think Kitty did a great job of combining luxury and affordable makeup, I mean, just look at the packaging, high quality, lacy print but not too expensive.  I hadn't tried Smooch before, but from what I've tried I'm really impressed, I'll definitely be trying them again in the future :)

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  1. That makeup looks really interesting! I really love the lipstick's shiny finish & the glitter eyeshadow (I have a bit of thing for all things shiny). Where is it retailing - I don' think I've ever seen it before?

  2. Your eye make up looks beautiful! Smooch is a brand that I really want to try - their products look so lovely.


    1. Thanks Jordan :) Their products are really good quality :)

  3. The packaging is really pretty!

    1. I love the packaging, feels really nice :D Like it's rubberised!


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