Saturday, 30 November 2013

Spending ban - week 5 update

Week 5 spending ban update

Happy Saturday everyone!  This isn't going to be a big update as I have family visiting right now so I don't want to be too rude sitting here on my laptop :P  Sorry I missed last weeks' update, I took a weekend off from blogging as I've been so incredibly busy I just needed some time to do nothing :)  So here's my two week update!

The last couple of weeks have been pretty good, I haven't been too tempted to splurge, other than when I was buying giveaway prizes for the annual 12 days of Christmas giveaway me and A Scottish Lass do (which starts tomorrow!!!).  There is one thing I've bought which is the Tresemme with Keratin heat protector spray - the reason I'm giving for buying that is that my old heat protector spray has seized up and I can't get any product out of it anymore, that and the one with Keratin was half price (around £2 in Superdrug)!  eeep!

I'm telling myself that's a legit reason anyway :)  Other than that I've only been buying Christmas presents and I think I'm pretty much finished with the xmas shopping - still a couple of things left to buy but not much - it's mostly the hubby I still need to buy more for :)

So keep your eyes peeled for tomorrow's blog post which will probably be up in the afternoon some time as it's a big collaborative giveaway between me and Laura :)  Enjoy the rest of your day, I'm off to spend the rest of my day/weekend with my Step Dad :)

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  1. I love reading updates like this :) It must be so hard not to spend, especially when Christmas is coming up!
    Elise -


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