Tuesday, 19 November 2013

UK November Birchbox

November Birchbox

When I got home today my November Birchbox was sitting on my doorstep waiting for me to open it. With oodles of excitement I rushed in the house and ripped open the packaging to reveal this collection of products.

First impressions?  I didn't really like it.  Lets break it down.

Teabags - I actually don't mind having teabags in my boxes as I love tea (all kinds), I can take these into work and give them a try through the week.

Pencil sharpener - if I hadn't bought one recently, this would have been awesome, but alas I have one and barely use it as it is.

Perfume sample - I think this is what turned the box for me, I'm really not a fan of these in boxes, mainly because I could just walk into a department store and pick these up myself, it's not what I pay £10 a month for.  I know some people like these which is cool, it's just not for me.

Laura Mercier mascara - I'd probably have been more excited by this if I didn't already have a sample one of these, it's actually a decent mascara, but it's something I already have and am using.

Weleda shampoo sample - it's just so small, I could probably get one decent wash out of it given how long my hair is.  It's a good brand which excites me a little more, but it's just not something I'm super pepped up about.

Highlighter pencil -I actually expected this to be shimmery, but it's not, it's a cream/beige pencil, this would be good for brow bones and inner corners of the eye - we'll wait and see how this goes :)

And finally, Matriskin high performance face cream.  In all honesty, I'm really happy with my current skincare routine and I don't really want to introduce any other products into the mix.  I might put this one to one side and keep it for a family member.

All in all a mediocre box, there's a couple of great products but a few duds.  I'm going to give Birchbox another month and if I'm still not happy I'll probably cancel, we'll see how next month goes.

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  1. I was also a tad disappointed with my Birchbox this month, so you are not alone! I've tried the matriskin serum before and it did what it said, so would be interesting to see how you get on with the face cream if you start using it :)

    Fatbeautyx // Enter My 100 Followers Giveaway!

  2. The November box didn't wow me, but I was happy with the October box, so I will keep going with my subscription for now

  3. I liked the perfume sample. It smells pretty nice :) x

  4. Oh man, you should see my Birchbox, im very unhappy with mine..quite like yours actually..
    I will be posting my tomorrow on my blog.

  5. Awww no! I wasn't a fan of getting a shampoo without a conditioner or the perfume but I quite liked the rest! It didn't beat last months though, by a long shot!

    Charlotte - blotandreapply.com xx

  6. I think the contents is fab! Although I do love anything tea related and have wanted to try Pukka for ages! xo

  7. Do these boxes change much from month to month, or stay stay quite similar. Xx


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