Thursday, 14 November 2013

Weekend essentials

My weekend essentials

Whilst there are a million and one things I could take when going for a weekend away, I think I've narrowed it down to some pretty sweet choices.  I tend to go away quite regularly to visit family in west Wales, and when I do, I don't want to take a massive amount of stuff with me, so I thought I'd share with you the type of things I take and why.

Dior BB cream
This really needs no introduction, if you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you'll already be bored of me banging on about this.  It's lovely, light weight, reasonable coverage (at least if your skin is not terrible) and for me, doesn't cling to pores, move or crack much. If you're not sure what foundation cracking on your face is, give it a few years and you'll discover it.

Dior BB eye cream
You gotta love a set!  I first saw this on Estee's YouTube, she was busy raving about it and just after I discovered the normal BB cream from Dior.  Anyway, fast forward a couple of months and I'm in the middle of sorting out my makeup, low and behold I discover a sachet of this I'd ripped out of a magazine.  The next day I tried it, that was the day I fell in love with it.  I hastily ran out 2 days after that I spend my Boots points on it and haven't looked back since.  Yes it's expensive, but O.M.G it's worth it.

Max Factor clump defy mascara
I surprised myself by putting this in, but it's such a fool proof mascara.  It gives great lashes (even on the bottom set) and more to the point, it stays put.  It doesn't flake off all over my face leaving little black specks of super smudge sprinkles, nope, it stays where it needs to be, on my lashes.  It's the most expensive mascara I've bought from the high street, but I'm ok with that, the quality equals high end mascaras costing £10 more.

Chanel Ecriture liquid eyeliner
Yes I know, I did a whole post about how the Collection fast stroke liner is better, but I still love this one.  The Collection one does have a nicer matte finish, but the applicator isn't as good, it's harder to use and gets all over your lashes (making it harder to apply mascara as it sets hard).  Besides, I still have this to finish, and another one waiting to be used, it's so good though!

A palette
I know this is ambiguous, but it all depends what you'll be doing that weekend, to decide which one to take. At the moment I'm loving theBalm's Balm Jovi palette, it fits in my makeup bag neatly, has lots of well pigmented eye shadows, a beautiful highlight and an amazing blusher (I've worn the blush every day the last 2 weeks!).  It has a diverse range of shades, from deep dark bluey purples, to peachy neutrals.  Be careful if you use this though, there will be a little bit of fallout, but hey, it's hard to find a palette that doesn't have any fallout these days!

Vichy life serum
I tend not to take my full skincare kit with me when I go away for the weekend, I pretty much just take Bioderma.  So, the life serum is a life saver!  It works really well with unkempt and tired skin, wakes it up leaving it nice and refreshed and ready for makeup.  I've actually been using this every day regardless if I'm having a good skin day or not, definitely one to replace when it's empty (full review coming soon).

Bourjois matte primer
See yesterday's review for my full thoughts on this.  When I'm away I don't want to be fussing over my makeup all day, so having it stay in place and not so shiny is a must - this is great at doing that - read the review to find out why :)

Urban Decay eye shadow primer potion
This is another essential for me, if I don't use this, my shadow creases in about 1-2 hours, so it's a must.  I've tried others, but I always come back to this, but next time when this has eventually run out, I will try their matte one instead.

Bourjois 24 hr creme shadow
Another one where you need to go and read my recent review about it :)  In short, this is awesome, perfect cream to powder finish, helps keep my eye shadow in place better than the Maybelline Colour Tattoo and is so much easier to work with (less sticky & more blendable), I prefer the range of shades they have for this too, I think they're more sophisticated and delicate.

Setting powder
Another ambigious one I'm afraid. At the moment I'm trialing the Japonesque setting powder* (which is pretty decent, but early days yet).  I usually use my Maybelline fit me powder which I still haven't finished, but it's utterly on it's last legs with very little left - I'm on the cusp of just saying enough is enough and considering it done, I can't really get any powder on the brush any more.

HD Brow kit
No makeup look would be complete without some well looked after brows.  Mine are very pale and thin and in desperate need of filling in each day, so I don't leave home (for extended periods of time!) without taking my HD Brow kit in Foxy* with me.  The powder is lovely and soft and goes a very long way.  Have a look at my full review to find out more.

There you have it, sorry I've managed to waffle on for so long, but hey, you wouldn't expect any less from me!  Hope you're all having a lovely day xo

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  1. I always end up over packing and don't take things I actually will be needing. Great post!

    Pink Frenzy

  2. I have a very small make up bag that I fit all my weekend essentials into! Always sits on top of my desk, I should use it for my everyday make up essentials too really. Wouldn't really need anything bigger.

    Jess // Coffee and Cosmetics xo

  3. Lovely post! A palette is essential to me as well! ... oh ! and eye primer! but I’ve to admit that I’ll always pack more than I need! hehehe big hugs <3

  4. heBalm's Balm Jovi palette - has been on my wishlist for the longest time. It has everything & I just love the names. #rockon

  5. Great post. I really want to try the clump defy mascara! M xx


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