Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Vision Direct glasses

Vision direct glasses

Vision direct R&L glasses

Since I've started learning to drive, wearing glasses has become essential.  Team that up with new red hair and what goes better with it? New funky glasses :)  These are c/o Vision Direct.

Me wearing glasses

Me wearing black & orange glasses
** Excuse my skin - I'm going foundation and concealer free in January, so you'll have to suffer through my skin looking a bit gross :P **

These are the R&L vision glasses in black & orange, and they're only £35*!  Up until recently, I'd only ever bought my glasses from Specsavers, which is where I get my eyes tested, but I've put off buying a replacement pair for the ones I misplaced as they're not cheap, my last pair set me back £120 and I just didn't have that kind of money lying around to fork out on them.

Knowing there are online shops like Vision Direct who sell good quality glasses for an affordable price means that the next time I need a new pair, I certainly won't be heading to Specsavers or any other high street opticians again, I'll be buying online!

It's nice to actually have a choice of more than 1 pair of glasses to wear too, different coloured frames to go with different moods or different hair colours.  This pair also come with a nice little cleaning kit (a spray and a decent cleaning cloth).  When you wear as much makeup as I do, you'll find your glasses get dust and bits of makeup all over them very quickly and need cleaning often!

That all aside, I'm still promising myself a pair of Chanel prescription glasses one day, I want!!!  Check back on Friday for my next blog post :)

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  1. Those are really nice, loving the orange! I could be doing with a second pair and never like what Specsavers has to offer! Will be having a sneaky peek at their website!

    Claire x|Claire does beauty

  2. These look really nice and frame your face nicely, (: Great post

  3. I really like these glasses Georgina. I must say your skin looks great foundation free! X

  4. Thanks for the spectacles review, nice photos!

  5. I cannot believe how good your skin looks foundation & concealer free! Rather envious over here!
    These glasses look lovely on you. I'm due an eye test which probably means I'm due a new pair as my eye sight always deteriorates. I've been considering ordering online as they are so much cheaper but I really worry as I like to try them on and they always re-size them so I worry these won't fit properly. xx

    Leanne - A Slice of My Life


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