Monday, 24 February 2014

Recipe: Vegetarian Pitta Pizzas

Last night I was asking on Twitter what I should cook for dinner, the options were a 5 bean chilli, or pitta pizzas.  Well, pitta pizzas won, and I decided to share my recipe with you :)  When I decided to try and do more lifestyle posts on here, recipes were something I was planning on including, I just hadn't gotten around to it yet, so here goes :)

The ingredients

Grill the pittas

Slice the mozzarella

Add the tomato puree to the pittas
spread the tomato puree
Add chorizo to the pittas

Add mozzarella to the pittas

vegetarian pitta pizzas cooked

Vegetarian pitta pizzas

How yummy do these look?  They were super tasty, I love making these, and they're easy and quick. Here's how you do it:

6 x Pitta breads
390g undrained mozzarella
Chorizo style slices (quorn) - or whatever meat topping you'd like
1 x Tomato puree tube

1.  Grill the pittas (both sides)
2.  Cut the mozzarella into small slices
3.  When they're done, cover each pitta with tomato puree and spread it in with a knife
4.  Then, place the chorizo style slices (about 4 per pitta)
5.  Once thats done, arrange the mozzarella on all the pittas
6.  Place under the grill for about 5-10 mins, it's done when the mozzarella is bubbling and turning golden brown
7.  Serve up - this makes 6 pittas, so can serve 2-3 people depending on how hungry you are and if you decide to serve it with some salad or potato wedges

Serving suggestions
* Top off with some chopped coriander
* Instead of tomato puree, you can use BBQ sauce as a base
* If you're not vegetarian, you could put meat on top instead, maybe some shredded chicken or pulled pork

If you decide to make these, please tweet me a picture @twinklinpixi3, I'd love to see your creations :)

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  1. These look amazing! I love that they're vegetarian too as I'm veggie so this looks like the perfect dinner recipe! Thank you! Alice xx

    1. Thanks Alice :) Tweet me a picture if you make them :D

  2. Mmmmmm these look so good and so easy to make too! Will have to give them a try :-) xx

    1. They were super yummy and so quick and easy to make :D

  3. I've been looking for more veggie recipes - these look yum and pretty simple. I'll give them a go!

  4. These look SO good, being a veggie I'm always looking for quick and easy things to make. Definitely going to try this out :) xoxo


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