Sunday, 16 February 2014

Urban Decay event

Urban Decay cup cakes, so yummy!
These cupcakes were seriously yummy!

Helen having her makeup done
Helen getting her makeup done - she looked fantastic!

Urban decay named note paper
 Taking notes down :)

Amazing glitter shadow by urban decay

urban decay goody bag
How beautiful is that glitter eyeshadow!

** The seriously epic goody bag! Holy moley!  In case you're wondering, the lipstick and lip liner are in the same shade (Native) **

If you're a long time reader of mine you should know that Urban Decay are one of my all time favourite makeup brands, not only that, but they're one of the main accelerators that got me into makeup, and thus blogging.

Go back about 8 years ago, I was on a ferry going to Ireland for Christmas and browsing the duty free. I saw the Ammo 2 palette and it was on sale, so I treated myself.  Before this, I didn't really wear much makeup, I'd never heard of eye shadow primer, and on me eye shadow would only last for about an hour before creasing, so I tended not to wear much makeup.  Buying this palette changed my life.  Not only did I now have a way to make eyeshadow last hours on my face, but the shadows themselves were really high quality and great to work with.  This palette (which I still have, and no I don't use it anymore) started my love affair with makeup.

Fast forward 8 years, I've been blogging and YouTubing for the last two and Urban Decay are still pretty much my favourite makeup brand, of course there's others I love, but Urban Decay will always hold a special place in my heart, as over the last few years they've played a big part of my life.  When I received the invite to attend an event at my local Urban Decay counter in Debenhams, it was hard to contain my excitement!

There was 6 of us there all together from 5 different blogs, we were greeted with pretty epic cupcakes and sparkling drinks that resembled the 3 naked palettes (love that!).  The event was for them to demonstrate the Naked 3 palette and some of their other new products like the B6 vitamin skin prep (the first stabalised form of B6 for the face) you use it before moisturising and applying foundation.

After having a rough few weeks (if you don't know about why, see here, and here) it was lovely having this to look forward to.  The only downside is this was the day I started getting flu, my cough was at it's peak and I was feeling really rough, in fact, I nearly didn't go, but I'm so glad I did, I had a lovely evening and got to see other lovely bloggers, and even meet a new one :)

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  1. What an amazing goody bag! Sounds like a lovely event, shame you were ill though! Hope you feel better soon and that the cupcake's made you feel a bit better on the day, looks so tasty :)


    1. I know, I feel so lucky! I think I'm pretty much over the illness now :) The cupcake was super yummy!

  2. Very jealous of that goody bag! Urban Decay have been a favourite of mine for a few years now too. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    Emily xx

    1. Yeah I was very lucky :) I adore Urban Decay, their eye shadows are definitely my favourite :)

  3. Love these pictures - especailly the cupcakes!

    Nicola //

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  5. Wow that is one amazing goody bag! It looks like you had a lovely time. A couple of weeks ago I received an email from I believe the counter manager for Urban Decay in one of the stores in Bristol asking if I'd like to arrange an event there but when I replied back I never heard again! Hmmm

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty

    1. I think I received that email too, I actually didn't reply as it was poorly written and I wasn't 100% confident it was actually from them - but then 2 days later I had another email from the Cardiff counter, really well written and professional, I replied to that one :) Shame you never heard anything again :(

  6. I would love to go to an Urban Decay event like that. With only 6 of you there it must have been perfect. I'm glad that it cheered you up a little Georgina. X


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