Friday, 14 March 2014

March Birchbox

March Birchbox

This is the much anticipated Lulu Guinness March Birchbox.  The box came covered in a black & white striped wrap.  Inside are 5 products and the usual lifestyle extra.  For those of you not familliar with Lulu Guiness, she's a bag & accessories designer, and black & white stripes are her signature design/pattern.  Here's what was in my box in a bit more detail:

Benefit - Stay don't stray - full size price £20.50 (picked by Lulu)
This is benefits' eye shadow primer, it's a 2.5ml sample, so pretty small, but with eye shadow primer you tend to only need a little bit so it's not a big deal.

Dr Brandt - Pores no more - full size price £39
This is a face primer (seems to be a bit of a theme here!) - they say it's a sheer formula that minimises pores and absorbs oil.

Molton Brown - Rhubarb & Rose hand cream - full size price £10
Described as a 'fast-absorbing deeply nourishing lotion that leaves soft and smelling sweet' - I have to admit, that sounds pretty awesome :)  I really like getting hand cream samples in beauty boxes, I keep them on my desk in work where I tend to moisturise the most!

English Laundry - No.7 for her - full size price £47
Described with notes of pear and jasmine, with gardenia, vanilla and sandlewood.  I'm really not a fan of getting perfume samples in beauty boxes, mainly because 9 times out of 10, you could walk into a department store and get the same for free. 

Aroma works - Nurture body oil - full size price £32.50
This you apply after getting out of the bath or shower.  I haven't really used body oils before, but given this one is described as having coconut oil in it, which I love, I'll give it a go, lets hope I don't like it too much though, I don't fancy having to fork out over £30 for a full size one!

LIFESTYLE EXTRA - Candy Rock - stick of rock (picked by Lulu)
In Lulu colours, she picked this out as it represents the traditional sweet shops that inspire her.

For me, some of this box is a hit (Benefit primer, Molton Brown hand cream, body oil), the rest I could happily leave.  This box was really hyped as being the 'Lulu Guinness box' - but she only picked 2 products in it, the eye shadow primer, and the lifestyle extra... that's not really a Lulu box as far as I'm concerned.  I'd have liked to have seen a Lulu keyring or mirror or even a Lulu nail file in here, something that's hers, either that, or her picking out everything in it, to make it products she can't live without, or her favs etc.

This box has left me seriously thinking about cancelling my Birchbox subscription, I feel like I'm disappointed nearly every month recently, which is a shame since I've been a subscriber since the first UK box.

On a more positive note, in the Birchbox store they do free delivery on products from that months' box, which means, you can buy the Benefit Stay don't Stray without paying any postage :)  Every star has a silver lining :)

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  1. Curious to hear your thougts on the Stay Don't Stray. I have one and it really doesn't want to work for me, I was wondering if you had any tips to get it to co-operate?


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